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Italy - Women's Serie A Season: Competition overview
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Women's Serie A

Women's Serie A 2000/01

Final results

Group phase
Group 1
1Benetton Red Panthers3988004584441470Qualified to semifinals
2Roccia Rubano Women2986022149811650
3Grazia Deledda208404120137-1731
4Riviera del Brenta5810780261-18110
5Le Lupe4810714346-33200

Group phase
19/11/2000Benetton Red Panthers - Roccia Rubano Women53-3
19/11/2000Riviera del Brenta - Grazia Deledda0-12
03/12/2000Grazia Deledda - Benetton Red Panthers0-33
03/12/2000Le Lupe - Riviera del Brenta6-0
17/12/2000Benetton Red Panthers - Riviera del Brenta87-10
17/12/2000Roccia Rubano Women - Le Lupe47-0
14/01/2001Grazia Deledda - Le Lupe35-0
14/01/2001Riviera del Brenta - Roccia Rubano Women15-27
28/01/2001Le Lupe - Benetton Red Panthers0-85
28/01/2001Roccia Rubano Women - Grazia Deledda46-0
11/02/2001Grazia Deledda - Riviera del Brenta26-12
11/02/2001Roccia Rubano Women - Benetton Red Panthers10-22
25/02/2001Benetton Red Panthers - Grazia Deledda31-5
25/02/2001Riviera del Brenta - Le Lupe27-0
11/03/2001Le Lupe - Roccia Rubano Women0-34
11/03/2001Riviera del Brenta - Benetton Red Panthers13-66
18/03/2001Le Lupe - Grazia Deledda5-37
18/03/2001Roccia Rubano Women - Riviera del Brenta37-3
25/03/2001Benetton Red Panthers - Le Lupe81-3
25/03/2001Grazia Deledda - Roccia Rubano Women5-10

Group 2
1Castanea Messina3076013436228151Qualified to semifinals
2Perugia Girls2685033009420651
3CUS Roma Women2184131591124721
4Marconi Pesaro97205107364-25710
5Villa Pamphili Women8811694371-27720

Group phase
19/11/2000CUS Roma Women - Perugia Girls20-12
19/11/2000Villa Pamphili Women - Castanea Messina5-42
03/12/2000Castanea Messina - CUS Roma Women33-7
03/12/2000Perugia Girls - Marconi Pesaro82-0
17/12/2000CUS Roma Women - Villa Pamphili Women50-5
17/12/2000Marconi Pesaro - Castanea MessinaCancelled
14/01/2001Castanea Messina - Perugia Girls26-10
14/01/2001Villa Pamphili Women - Marconi Pesaro27-64
28/01/2001Marconi Pesaro - CUS Roma Women7-37
28/01/2001Perugia Girls - Villa Pamphili Women44-5
11/02/2001Castanea Messina - Villa Pamphili Women96-0
11/02/2001Perugia Girls - CUS Roma Women7-14
25/02/2001CUS Roma Women - Castanea Messina11-24
25/02/2001Marconi Pesaro - Perugia Girls0-63
11/03/2001Castanea Messina - Marconi Pesaro98-0
11/03/2001Villa Pamphili Women - CUS Roma Women5-5
18/03/2001Marconi Pesaro - Villa Pamphili Women17-42
18/03/2001Perugia Girls - Castanea Messina29-24
25/03/2001CUS Roma Women - Marconi Pesaro15-19
25/03/2001Villa Pamphili Women - Perugia Girls5-53

Final phase