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IRB U19 Rugby World Cup Season: Competition overview
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Division A
Division B
Division C

IRB-FIRA U19 World Cup - Division A 1997

The tournament was held in Argentina.
The finals were played in Buenos Aires.

Final results
Winner:Argentina U19

Group phase
Poule A
1Argentina U196220012810118Qualified for semifinals
2Italy U19421015761-4Qualified for 5th place semifinals
3Spain U192200218132-114Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
22/03/1997Argentina U19 - Spain U1982-3
24/03/1997Italy U19 - Spain U1950-15
26/03/1997Argentina U19 - Italy U1946-7

Poule B
1Ireland U1962200612833Qualified for semifinals
2Scotland U1942101642539Qualified for 5th place semifinals
3Portugal U19220022395-72Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
22/03/1997Scotland U19 - Portugal U1956-3
24/03/1997Ireland U19 - Portugal U1939-20
26/03/1997Ireland U19 - Scotland U1922-8

Poule C
1France U19622001117104Qualified for semifinals
2Romania U19421014264-22Qualified for 5th place semifinals
3Uruguay U19220021395-82Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
22/03/1997Romania U19 - Uruguay U1935-13
24/03/1997France U19 - Uruguay U1960-0
26/03/1997France U19 - Romania U1951-7

Poule D
1Wales U1952110621646Qualified for semifinals
2South Africa U1952110622735Qualified for 5th place semifinals
3Russia U19220021192-81Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
22/03/1997Wales U19 - Russia U1946-0
24/03/1997South Africa U19 - Russia U1946-11
26/03/1997Wales U19 - South Africa U1916-16

Final phase
Argentina U19
28/03/1997 - 42-0Argentina U19
30/03/1997 - 18-12
Ireland U19Argentina U19
France U19
28/03/1997 - 40-12
France U19
Wales U19
3rd place final
Wales U19
30/03/1997 - 30-17Wales U19
Ireland U19
5th place semifinals5th place final
South Africa U19
28/03/1997 - 25-15South Africa U19
30/03/1997 - 43-11
Romania U19South Africa U19
Scotland U19
28/03/1997 - 34-7
Scotland U19
Italy U19
7th place final
Italy U19
30/03/1997 - 36-23Italy U19
Romania U19
9th place semifinals9th place final
Uruguay U19
28/03/1997 - 30-10Uruguay U19
30/03/1997 - 14-5
Russia U19Uruguay U19
Spain U19
28/03/1997 - 23-7
Spain U19
Portugal U19
11th place final
Russia U19
30/03/1997 - 25-7Russia U19
Portugal U19