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IRB U21 Rugby World Cup Season: Competition overview
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IRB U21 Rugby World Cup

IRB U21 Rugby World Cup 2003

The tournament was held in England.
The finals were held in Kassam Stadium, Oxford.

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1South Africa U211533001885813030Qualified to semifinals
2Argentina U21113201110565421
3Wales U21932018287-510Qualified to 5th place semifinals
4Scotland U21631026877-911
5Ireland U21431026781-1400Qualified to 9th place semifinals
6Canada U210300342198-15600

Group phase
13/06/2003Argentina U21 - Canada U2162-13
13/06/2003Scotland U21 - Wales U2119-37
13/06/2003South Africa U21 - Ireland U2136-27
17/06/2003Argentina U21 - Wales U2118-24
17/06/2003Scotland U21 - Ireland U2115-21
17/06/2003South Africa U21 - Canada U21102-10
21/06/2003Argentina U21 - Ireland U2130-19
21/06/2003Scotland U21 - Canada U2134-19
21/06/2003South Africa U21 - Wales U2150-21

Poule B
1Australia U21133210115645130Qualified to semifinals
2New Zealand U21123210124745020
3France U2110320178492911Qualified to 5th place semifinals
4England U2163102107763111
5Italy U21531025992-3310Qualified to 9th place semifinals
6Japan U211300351177-12610

Group phase
13/06/2003Australia U21 - England U2152-22
13/06/2003France U21 - Italy U2134-7
13/06/2003Japan U21 - New Zealand U2114-61
17/06/2003Australia U21 - Italy U2124-5
17/06/2003France U21 - New Zealand U2123-26
17/06/2003Japan U21 - England U213-69
21/06/2003Australia U21 - New Zealand U2137-37
21/06/2003France U21 - England U2121-16
21/06/2003Japan U21 - Italy U2134-47

Final phase
South Africa U21
6/25/2003 - 16-38New Zealand U21
6/29/2003 - 21-10
New Zealand U21New Zealand U21
Argentina U21
6/25/2003 - 25-48
Australia U21
Australia U21
3rd place final
South Africa U21
6/29/2003 - 30-34Argentina U21
Argentina U21
5th place semifinals5th place final
Wales U21
6/25/2003 - 44-27Wales U21
6/29/2003 - 20-24
England U21France U21
Scotland U21
6/25/2003 - 12-48
France U21
France U21
7th place final
England U21
6/29/2003 - 22-33Scotland U21
Scotland U21
9th place semifinals9th place final
Ireland U21
6/25/2003 - 52-13Ireland U21
6/29/2003 - 24-19
Japan U21Ireland U21
Canada U21
6/25/2003 - 21-27
Italy U21
Italy U21
11th place final
Japan U21
6/29/2003 - 48-27Japan U21
Canada U21