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Argentina - Torneo del Interior Season: Competition overview
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Torneo del Interior
Torneo del Interior B

Torneo del Interior 2019

Final results


First phase
Zona 1
1G.E.R.21650118114536242010Qualified for semifinals and Nacional de Clubes
2Tucuman R.C.20640222513986301731Qualified for Nacional de Clubes
3Jockey Club Cordoba146303161173-12202302
4Old Resian06006121231-110183200Qualified for interior B round of 16

First phase
10/08/2019Jockey Club Cordoba - G.E.R.26-31
10/08/2019Old Resian - Tucuman R.C.24-32
17/08/2019G.E.R. - Old Resian32-24
17/08/2019Jockey Club Cordoba - Tucuman R.C.29-36
24/08/2019Old Resian - Jockey Club Cordoba19-29
24/08/2019Tucuman R.C. - G.E.R.31-43
31/08/2019G.E.R. - Tucuman R.C.7-36
31/08/2019Jockey Club Cordoba - Old Resian41-26
07/09/2019Old Resian - G.E.R.14-28
07/09/2019Tucuman R.C. - Jockey Club Cordoba21-22
14/09/2019G.E.R. - Jockey Club Cordoba40-14
14/09/2019Tucuman R.C. - Old Resian69-14

Zona 2
1Duendes25660019412371272010Qualified for semifinals and Nacional de Clubes
2Cordoba A.C.146312214226-12283100Qualified for Nacional de Clubes
3Los Tarcos106204168197-29222402
4Universitario Tucuman66015149179-30212304Qualified for interior B round of 16

First phase
10/08/2019Cordoba A.C. - Los Tarcos41-34
10/08/2019Universitario Tucuman - Duendes7-13
17/08/2019Cordoba A.C. - Duendes25-46
17/08/2019Los Tarcos - Universitario Tucuman40-22
24/08/2019Duendes - Los Tarcos38-17
24/08/2019Universitario Tucuman - Cordoba A.C.40-40
31/08/2019Cordoba A.C. - Universitario Tucuman35-31
31/08/2019Los Tarcos - Duendes22-26
07/09/2019Duendes - Cordoba A.C.41-23
07/09/2019Universitario Tucuman - Los Tarcos20-21
14/09/2019Duendes - Universitario Tucuman30-29
14/09/2019Los Tarcos - Cordoba A.C.34-50

Zona 3
1Marista R.C.246501233121112311540Qualified for semifinals and Nacional de Clubes
2Natacion y Gimnasia23650121114071291730Qualified for Nacional de Clubes
3Jockey Club Rosario1262041901873252522
4Club Sociedad Sportiva0600697283-186113900Qualified for interior B round of 16

First phase
10/08/2019Jockey Club Rosario - Marista R.C.23-46
10/08/2019Natacion y Gimnasia - Club Sociedad Sportiva36-13
17/08/2019Club Sociedad Sportiva - Jockey Club Rosario23-35
17/08/2019Natacion y Gimnasia - Marista R.C.22-9
24/08/2019Jockey Club Rosario - Natacion y Gimnasia24-27
24/08/2019Marista R.C. - Club Sociedad Sportiva51-15
31/08/2019Club Sociedad Sportiva - Marista R.C.20-37
31/08/2019Natacion y Gimnasia - Jockey Club Rosario36-33
07/09/2019Jockey Club Rosario - Club Sociedad Sportiva51-13
07/09/2019Marista R.C. - Natacion y Gimnasia48-17
14/09/2019Club Sociedad Sportiva - Natacion y Gimnasia13-73
14/09/2019Marista R.C. - Jockey Club Rosario42-24

Zona 4
1Urú Curé20650116513233221800Qualified for semifinals and Nacional de Clubes
2Tucuman Lawn Tennis15630317515817272712Qualified for Nacional de Clubes
3Mar del Plata R.C.15630314711532231812
4Trebol56105143225-82213001Qualified for interior B round of 16

First phase
10/08/2019Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Trebol67-33
10/08/2019Urú Curé - Mar del Plata R.C.31-21
17/08/2019Trebol - Urú Curé15-20
17/08/2019Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Mar del Plata R.C.25-19
24/08/2019Mar del Plata R.C. - Trebol41-12
24/08/2019Urú Curé - Tucuman Lawn Tennis37-22
31/08/2019Trebol - Mar del Plata R.C.26-36
31/08/2019Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Urú Curé26-30
07/09/2019Mar del Plata R.C. - Tucuman Lawn Tennis13-14
07/09/2019Urú Curé - Trebol40-31
14/09/2019Mar del Plata R.C. - Urú Curé17-7
14/09/2019Trebol - Tucuman Lawn Tennis26-21

Final phase
Urú Curé
9/21/2019 - 19-24G.E.R.
9/28/2019 - 30-20
Marista R.C.
9/21/2019 - 30-27
Marista R.C.