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The league pyramid

The last reform of the league pyramid was in 2017. Since 2017/18 season the league structure is the following:

Level 1 Divisao de Honra
12 teams - 1 relegation
Level 2 1° Divisao
10 teams - 1 promotion and 1 relegation
Level 3 2° Divisao
1 promotion

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19AEIS Agronomia (2)CF BelenensesFinal18-10
2017/18CF Belenenses (7)AEIS AgronomiaFinal17-9
2016/17CDU Lisboa (20)AEIS AgronomiaFinal25-21
2015/16GD Direito (11)CDU LisboaFinal11-6
2014/15GD Direito (10)CDU LisboaFinal26-19
2013/14CDU Lisboa (19)GD DireitoFinal19-15
2012/13GD Direito (9)CDU LisboaFinal17-9
2011/12CDU Lisboa (18)AEIS AgronomiaFinal24-15
2010/11GD Direito (8)CF BelenensesFinal9-3
2009/10GD Direito (7)AEIS AgronomiaFinal22-12
2008/09GD Direito (6)AEIS AgronomiaFinal32-25
2007/08CF Belenenses (6)AEIS AgronomiaFinal22-21
2006/07AEIS Agronomia (1)GD DireitoFinal15-8
2005/06GD Direito (5)CF BelenensesFinal22-6
2004/05GD Direito (4)AEIS AgronomiaRound Robin 
2003/04Academica Coimbra (4)AEIS AgronomiaRound Robin 
2002/03CF Belenenses (5)GD DireitoRound Robin 
2001/02GD Direito (3)CDU PortoRound Robin 
2000/01SL Benfica (9)GD DireitoRound Robin 
1999/00GD Direito (2) Round Robin 
1998/99GD Direito (1) Round Robin 
1997/98AEIS Tecnico (2) Round Robin 
1996/97Academica Coimbra (3) Round Robin 
1995/96Dramatico Cascais (6) Round Robin 
1994/95Dramatico Cascais (5) Round Robin 
1993/94Dramatico Cascais (4) Round Robin 
1992/93Dramatico Cascais (3) Round Robin 
1991/92Dramatico Cascais (2) Round Robin 
1990/91SL Benfica (8) Round Robin 
1989/90CDU Lisboa (17) Round Robin 
1988/89CDU Lisboa (16) Round Robin 
1987/88SL Benfica (7) Round Robin 
1986/87Dramatico Cascais (1) Round Robin 
1985/86SL Benfica (6) Round Robin 
1984/85CDU Lisboa (15) Round Robin 
1983/84CDU Lisboa (14) Round Robin 
1982/83CDU Lisboa (13) Round Robin 
1981/82CDU Lisboa (12) Round Robin 
1980/81AEIS Tecnico (1) Round Robin 
1979/80CDU Lisboa (11) Round Robin 
1978/79Academica Coimbra (2) Round Robin 
1977/78CDU Lisboa (10) Round Robin 
1976/77Academica Coimbra (1) Round Robin 
1975/76SL Benfica (5) Round Robin 
1974/75CF Belenenses (4) Round Robin 
1973/74CDU Lisboa (9) Round Robin 
1972/73CF Belenenses (3) Round Robin 
1971/72CDU Lisboa (8) Round Robin 
1970/71CDU Lisboa (7) Round Robin 
1969/70SL Benfica (4)AEIS TecnicoRound Robin 
1968/69CDU Lisboa (6)Academica CoimbraRound Robin 
1967/68CDU Lisboa (5)SL BenficaRound Robin 
1966/67CDU Lisboa (4)Academica CoimbraRound Robin 
1965/66CDU Lisboa (3)Academica CoimbraRound Robin 
1964/65CDU Lisboa (2)CF BelenensesRound Robin 
1963/64CDU Lisboa (1)CF BelenensesRound Robin 
1962/63CF Belenenses (2) Round Robin 
1961/62SL Benfica (3) Round Robin 
1960/61SL Benfica (2) Round Robin 
1959/60SL Benfica (1) Round Robin 
1958/59CF Belenenses (1) Round Robin 


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