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Women's Serie A

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FIR organized its first women's championship for the season 1991/92.
Until then the tournament was organized by UISP, snce 1984. These first seasons are not officially recognized.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19Villorba Women (1)Valsugana WomenFinal18-15
2017/18Colorno Women (1)Valsugana WomenFinal29-20
2016/17Valsugana Women (3)Colorno WomenFinal32-0
2015/16Valsugana Women (2)Monza WomenFinal6-0
2014/15Valsugana Women (1)Monza WomenFinal9-5
2013/14Monza Women (1)Riviera del BrentaFinal29-12
2012/13Riviera del Brenta (6)Benetton Red PanthersFinal23-7
2011/12Riviera del Brenta (5)Benetton Red PanthersFinal26-20
2010/11Benetton Red Panthers (16)Riviera del BrentaFinal31-13
2009/10Riviera del Brenta (4)Benetton Red PanthersFinal7-0
2008/09Benetton Red Panthers (15)Riviera del BrentaFinal18-14
2007/08Benetton Red Panthers (14)Riviera del BrentaFinal58-5
2006/07Riviera del Brenta (3)Benetton Red PanthersFinal12-10
2005/06Benetton Red Panthers (13)Riviera del BrentaFinal10-6
2004/05Riviera del Brenta (2)Benetton Red PanthersFinal16-10
2003/04Riviera del Brenta (1)Benetton Red PanthersFinal10-8
2002/03Benetton Red Panthers (12)Riviera del BrentaFinal47-3
2001/02Benetton Red Panthers (11)CUS Roma WomenFinal57-3
2000/01Benetton Red Panthers (10)Castanea MessinaFinal28-9
1999/00Benetton Red Panthers (9)Castanea MessinaFinal6-3
1998/99Benetton Red Panthers (8)Villa Pamphili WomenFinal41-21
1997/98Benetton Red Panthers (7)Grazia DeleddaFinal18-5
1996/97Benetton Red Panthers (6)Villa Pamphili WomenRound Robin 
1995/96Benetton Red Panthers (5)Villa Pamphili WomenFinal31-5
1994/95Benetton Red Panthers (4)Rugby Roma WomenFinal31-6
1993/94Benetton Red Panthers (3)Villa Pamphili WomenFinal37-0
1992/93Benetton Red Panthers (2)Bologna WomenFinal27-5
1991/92Benetton Red Panthers (1)Villa Pamphili WomenFinal 

Related trophies

Women's UISP Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1990/91Benetton Red Panthers (7) Round Robin 
1989/90Benetton Red Panthers (6) Round Robin 
1988/89Benetton Red Panthers (5) Round Robin 
1987/88Benetton Red Panthers (4) Round Robin 
1986/87Benetton Red Panthers (3) Round Robin 
1985/86Benetton Red Panthers (2) Round Robin 
1984/85Benetton Red Panthers (1) Round Robin 
TeamTitlesRunners up
Benetton Red Panthers70


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www.air.it - Italian rugby players association site.
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