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VRU - Dewar Shield

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It is the main competition for Victoria clubs.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Melbourne (20)Box HillFinal37-15
2018Melbourne (19)HarlequinFinal22-16
2017Harlequin (10)MelbourneFinal38-20
2016Melbourne (18)HarlequinFinal20-19
2015Harlequin (9)Melbourne UniversityFinal53-3
2014Harlequin (8)Box HillFinal33-19
2013Harlequin (7)MelbourneFinal29-26
2012Moorabbin (15)MelbourneFinal30-24
2011Melbourne (17)Power HouseFinal39-12
2010Melbourne (16)Southern DistrictsFinal40-22
2009Melbourne (15)Box HillFinal27-17
2008Power House (11)HarlequinFinal15-14
2007Power House (10)NorthernFinal35-24
2006Power House (9)HarlequinFinal29-20
2005Moorabbin (14)HarlequinFinal19-5
2004Harlequin (6)MelbourneFinal51-26
2003Melbourne (14)MoorabbinFinal24-19
2002Moorabbin (13)NorthcoteFinal40-28
2001Box Hill (3)NorthcoteFinal27-13
2000Box Hill (2)MelbourneFinal8-7
1999Box Hill (1) Final 
1998Melbourne (13) Final 
1997Power House (8)HarlequinFinal15-13
1996Kiwi Hawthorn (2) Final 
1995Moorabbin (12) Final 
1994Moorabbin (11) Final 
1993Kiwi Hawthorn (1) Final 
1992Harlequin (5) Final 
1991Moorabbin (10) Final 
1990Moorabbin (9)HarlequinFinal???
1989Harlequin (4) Final 
1988Moorabbin (8)HarlequinFinal9-6
1987Power House (7)MoorabbinFinal21-19
1986Moorabbin (7) Final 
1985Moorabbin (6) Final 
1984Moorabbin (5) Final 
1983Moorabbin (4) Final 
1982Moorabbin (3) Final 
1981Moorabbin (2) Final 
1980Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (12) Final 
1979Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (11) Final 
1978Moorabbin (1) Final 
1977Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (10) Final 
1976Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (9) Final 
1975Harlequin (3) Final 
1974Power House (6)Eastern Suburbs KiwisFinal7-3
1973Power House (5)Melbourne UniversityFinal17-0
1972Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (8) Final 
1971Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (7) Final 
1970Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (6) Final 
1969Melbourne (12) Final 
1968Power House (4)HarlequinFinal15-13
1967Melbourne University (8) Final 
1966Melbourne (11)Melbourne UniversityFinal 
1965Melbourne (10)Melbourne UniversityFinal 
1964Melbourne University (7) Final 
1963Melbourne University (6) Final 
1962Harlequin (2)Melbourne UniversityFinal 
1961Melbourne University (5) Final 
1960Melbourne University (4) Final 
1959Melbourne University (3) Final 
1958Power House (3)HarlequinFinal15-9
1957Navy (8) Final 
1956Power House (2)Eastern Suburbs KiwisFinal15-6
1955Harlequin (1)Power HouseFinal5-0
1954Melbourne (9)NavyFinal33-11
1953Navy (7)HarlequinFinal11-8
1952Navy (6)HarlequinFinal17-8
1951Navy (5)MelbourneFinal16-12
1950Melbourne (8)HarlequinFinal16-9
1949Melbourne (7)NavyFinal29-12
1948Melbourne (6) Final 
1947Navy (4) Final 
1946Navy (3) Final 
1940RAAF (1) Final 
1939Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (5) Final 
1938Power House (1)FootscrayFinal18-8
1937Footscray (3) Final 
1936Footscray (2) Final 
1935Melbourne (5) Final 
1934Melbourne University (2) Final 
1933Navy (2) Final 
1932Footscray (1) Final 
1931Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (4)NavyFinal 
1930Melbourne (4) Final 
1929Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (3) Final 
1928Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (2) Final 
1927Eastern Suburbs Kiwis (1) Final 
1926Navy (1) Final 
1914South Melbourne (1) Final 
1913Melbourne (3) Final 
1912Melbourne (2) Final 
1911East Melbourne (1) Final 
1910Melbourne University (1) Final 
1909Melbourne (1) Final 


www.melbournerebels.com.au - Melbourne Rebels official site.
www.vicrugby.com.au - Victoria union official site. It is now abandoned.
myrugby.rugby.com.au/myrugby/competitions - Australian union official site.
Every site was scanned using also web.archive.org