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Lithuania - National Championship Season: Competition overview
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Lithuanian Championship

Lithuanian Championship 2011

Final results

Group phase
Group 1
1Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai18660047272400Qualified for Group A
2BaltRex Siauliai16650134490254
3Azhuolas Kaunas116213119187-68
4RK Siauliai116213146222-76
5Tauras-VRA10620491270-179Qualified for Group B
6STATS/Sigulda Riga9620476199-123
7Kurshjaj Klajpeda8610573281-208
The result of the match between Tauras-VRA and STATS/Sigulda Riga,
ended 24-25 on 29/05, was reverted.

Group phase
14/05/2011Azhuolas Kaunas - Tauras-VRA37-28
14/05/2011BaltRex Siauliai - Kurshjaj Klajpeda109-0
15/05/2011STATS/Sigulda Riga - RK Siauliai22-15
21/05/2011Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Azhuolas Kaunas13-27
21/05/2011Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - BaltRex Siauliai37-15
29/05/2011Tauras-VRA - STATS/Sigulda RigaHome team
walk over
04/06/2011Azhuolas Kaunas - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai8-62
04/06/2011RK Siauliai - Tauras-VRA51-13
11/06/2011STATS/Sigulda Riga - Kurshjaj Klajpeda13-14
18/06/2011BaltRex Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas42-9
18/06/2011Kurshjaj Klajpeda - RK Siauliai6-25
18/06/2011Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - STATS/Sigulda Riga100-8
04/09/2011RK Siauliai - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai15-97
04/09/2011STATS/Sigulda Riga - BaltRex Siauliai20-61
04/09/2011Tauras-VRA - Kurshjaj Klajpeda30-21
10/09/2011Azhuolas Kaunas - STATS/Sigulda Riga9-13
10/09/2011BaltRex Siauliai - RK Siauliai55-11
10/09/2011Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - Tauras-VRA99-7
17/09/2011Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai19-77
17/09/2011RK Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas29-29
17/09/2011Tauras-VRA - BaltRex Siauliai13-62

Group 2
1Lithuania U206220015524131Qualified for Group B
2BaltRex-PRC Siauliai6220013333100
3Rysiu Statiba Panevezys53102103167-64
4Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius3300327194-167
Lithuania U20 could not qualify for the 2nd phase.

Group phase
01/05/2011Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - Lithuania U200-71
15/05/2011BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys76-13
05/06/2011Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai20-57
12/06/2011Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius66-7
15/06/2011BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Lithuania U20Cancelled
21/08/2011Lithuania U20 - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys84-24

Second phase
Group A
1Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai279900638113525Winner
2BaltRex Siauliai239702499168331
3RK Siauliai169315227440-213
4Azhuolas Kaunas149216191324-133
First phase matches were valid for second phase too.

Second phase
01/10/2011BaltRex Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas52-18
01/10/2011Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - RK Siauliai102-0
08/10/2011RK Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas44-35
08/10/2011Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - BaltRex Siauliai23-22
15/10/2011Azhuolas Kaunas - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai19-41
15/10/2011BaltRex Siauliai - RK Siauliai81-37

Group B
1BaltRex-PRC Siauliai12440026181180Qualified for next year Group 1
3Rysiu Statiba Panevezys95203160228-68
4STATS/Sigulda Riga84202113172-59Qualified for next year Group 2
5Kurshjaj Klajpeda6410381174-93
6Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius2200214143-129

Second phase
02/10/2011Kurshjaj Klajpeda - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai25-62
02/10/2011STATS/Sigulda Riga - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys43-18
02/10/2011Tauras-VRA - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius81-0
09/10/2011Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - BaltRex-PRC SiauliaiCancelled
09/10/2011Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Kurshjaj Klajpeda39-32
09/10/2011Tauras-VRA - STATS/Sigulda Riga83-0
16/10/2011BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys104-17
16/10/2011Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Tauras-VRA17-13
16/10/2011STATS/Sigulda Riga - Gelezhinis Vilkas VilniusCancelled
23/10/2011Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys14-62
23/10/2011STATS/Sigulda Riga - Kurshjaj Klajpeda60-7
23/10/2011Tauras-VRA - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai29-31
30/10/2011BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - STATS/Sigulda Riga64-10
30/10/2011Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Gelezhinis Vilkas VilniusCancelled
30/10/2011Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Tauras-VRA24-35