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Lithuania - National Championship Season: Competition overview
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Lithuanian Championship

Lithuanian Championship 2010

Final results

Group phase
Group 1
1Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai18660031918301Qualified for Group A
2BaltRex Siauliai166501317105212
3Azhuolas Kaunas1464021799881
4STATS Kekava Riga106204113121-8
5Kurshjaj Klajpeda106204117253-136Qualified for Group B
6RK Siauliai10620487243-156
7Rysiu Statiba Panevezys6600679373-294

Group phase
15/05/2010Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Azhuolas Kaunas21-58
19/05/2010RK Siauliai - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai0-50
22/05/2010Kurshjaj Klajpeda - STATS Kekava Riga16-6
29/05/2010Azhuolas Kaunas - Kurshjaj Klajpeda38-8
29/05/2010Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - BaltRex Siauliai46-5
05/06/2010Azhuolas Kaunas - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai3-13
05/06/2010RK Siauliai - Kurshjaj Klajpeda31-27
05/06/2010STATS Kekava Riga - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys37-31
12/06/2010BaltRex Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas37-22
12/06/2010Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - RK Siauliai14-36
12/06/2010Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - STATS Kekava Riga32-5
19/06/2010Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys49-10
20/06/2010STATS Kekava Riga - BaltRex Siauliai9-24
28/08/2010BaltRex Siauliai - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys129-3
04/09/2010Azhuolas Kaunas - STATS Kekava Riga18-12
04/09/2010BaltRex Siauliai - RK Siauliai68-13
04/09/2010Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - Kurshjaj Klajpeda114-5
11/09/2010Kurshjaj Klajpeda - BaltRex Siauliai12-54
11/09/2010RK Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas7-40
11/09/2010Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai0-64
18/09/2010STATS Kekava Riga - RK Siauliai44-0

Group 2
1BaltRex-PRC Siauliai9330013632104Qualified for Group B
2Vilnius RA73201853451
3RK 1964 Riga531023976-37
4Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius3300336154-118

Group phase
02/05/2010Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - RK 1964 Riga9-29
08/05/2010BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius92-19
22/05/2010Vilnius RA - RK 1964 Riga39-10
06/06/2010RK 1964 Riga - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai0-28
13/06/2010BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Vilnius RA16-13
05/09/2010Vilnius RA - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius33-8

Second phase
Group A
1Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai25980152352471Winner
2BaltRex Siauliai259801495140355
3Azhuolas Kaunas168404179200-21
4STATS Kekava Riga128206129348-219
First phase matches were valid for second phase too.

Second phase
25/09/2010BaltRex Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas45-0
25/09/2010Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - STATS Kekava Riga121-7
09/10/2010STATS Kekava Riga - Azhuolas KaunasCancelled
09/10/2010Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - BaltRex Siauliai26-27
23/10/2010Azhuolas Kaunas - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai0-57
23/10/2010BaltRex Siauliai - STATS Kekava Riga106-9

Group B
1RK Siauliai15550019470124Qualified for next year Group 1
2BaltRex-PRC Siauliai1153021219625
3Vilnius RA11530216511451
4Kurshjaj Klajpeda9520391120-29Qualified for next year Group 2
5Rysiu Statiba Panevezys7510472205-133
6RK 1964 Riga7510479117-38
Baltrex-PRC Siauliai, being a 2nd XV, could not qualify for next season Group 1 and was substituted by Kurshjaj Klajpeda.

Second phase
26/09/2010Kurshjaj Klajpeda - RK 1964 Riga22-20
26/09/2010RK Siauliai - Vilnius RA43-31
26/09/2010Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai20-45
02/10/2010Kurshjaj Klajpeda - RK Siauliai14-41
02/10/2010Vilnius RA - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys55-8
03/10/2010RK 1964 Riga - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai22-17
10/10/2010BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Vilnius RA33-29
10/10/2010RK Siauliai - RK 1964 Riga32-10
10/10/2010Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Kurshjaj Klajpeda20-27
17/10/2010Kurshjaj Klajpeda - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai13-16
17/10/2010RK 1964 Riga - Vilnius RA15-27
17/10/2010RK Siauliai - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys66-5
24/10/2010BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - RK Siauliai10-12
24/10/2010Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - RK 1964 Riga19-12
24/10/2010Vilnius RA - Kurshjaj Klajpeda23-15