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Lithuania - National Championship Season: Competition overview
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Lithuanian Championship

Lithuanian Championship 2009

Teams variations
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2009:Kurshjaj Klajpeda
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2008:Perkjunas Plunge

Final results

Group phase
Group 1
1Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai18660026852216Qualified for Group A
2BaltRex Siauliai16650128897191
3STATS Kekava Riga12630317410668
4Azhuolas Kaunas126303169172-3
5Salda Siauliai126303142176-34Qualified for Group B
6Perkjunas Plunge7610566166-100
7Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius6600635373-338

Group phase
25/04/2009BaltRex Siauliai - Perkjunas Plunge68-13
25/04/2009Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - Salda Siauliai13-63
01/05/2009Perkjunas Plunge - STATS Kekava Riga5-16
09/05/2009Salda Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas18-13
09/05/2009STATS Kekava Riga - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius53-5
16/05/2009Azhuolas Kaunas - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius60-3
16/05/2009Salda Siauliai - Perkjunas Plunge43-5
16/05/2009Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - BaltRex Siauliai24-7
30/05/2009BaltRex Siauliai - STATS Kekava Riga32-30
30/05/2009Perkjunas Plunge - Azhuolas Kaunas18-33
30/05/2009Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - Salda Siauliai33-5
13/06/2009Azhuolas Kaunas - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai20-65
13/06/2009Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - Perkjunas Plunge6-25
13/06/2009Salda Siauliai - BaltRex Siauliai8-73
05/09/2009BaltRex Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas47-19
05/09/2009STATS Kekava Riga - Salda Siauliai39-5
05/09/2009Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius111-5
12/09/2009Azhuolas Kaunas - STATS Kekava Riga24-21
12/09/2009Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - BaltRex Siauliai3-61
12/09/2009Perkjunas Plunge - Vairas-Jupoia SiauliaiAway team
walk over
19/09/2009STATS Kekava Riga - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai15-35

Group 2
1Rysiu Statiba Panevezys13540119475119Qualified for Group B
2BaltRex-PRC Siauliai1153021391354
3Kurshjaj Klajpeda1153021597881
4Lusis Jurbarkas1153021271270
52-Vairas Siauliai9520399152-53
6Atlant Kaliningrad5500569220-151

Group phase
25/04/2009Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Atlant Kaliningrad63-0
26/04/2009Lusis Jurbarkas - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai31-19
26/04/2009Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - 2-Vairas Siauliai54-12
16/05/2009Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Lusis Jurbarkas41-14
17/05/2009Atlant Kaliningrad - 2-Vairas Siauliai17-42
17/05/2009BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys10-55
27/05/20092-Vairas Siauliai - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai12-32
31/05/2009Lusis Jurbarkas - Atlant Kaliningrad38-12
31/05/2009Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Kurshjaj Klajpeda29-8
20/06/2009Atlant Kaliningrad - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai22-43
20/06/2009Kurshjaj Klajpeda - 2-Vairas Siauliai32-0
20/06/2009Lusis Jurbarkas - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys27-22
13/09/20092-Vairas Siauliai - Lusis Jurbarkas37-17
13/09/2009BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Kurshjaj Klajpeda35-15
13/09/2009Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - Atlant Kaliningrad34-18

Second phase
Group A
1Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai27990039974325Winner
2BaltRex Siauliai239702381178203
3Azhuolas Kaunas179405230246-16
4STATS Kekava Riga159306196236-40
First phase matches were valid for second phase too.

Second phase
03/10/2009STATS Kekava Riga - BaltRex Siauliai17-43
03/10/2009Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - Azhuolas Kaunas24-17
17/10/2009BaltRex Siauliai - Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai5-32
17/10/2009STATS Kekava Riga - Azhuolas Kaunas5-12
24/10/2009Azhuolas Kaunas - BaltRex Siauliai32-45
25/10/2009Vairas-Jupoia Siauliai - STATS Kekava Riga75-0

Group B
1Salda Siauliai12440014935114Qualified for next year Group 1
2BaltRex-PRC Siauliai8420282122-40
3Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius8420264604
4Rysiu Statiba Panevezys641035796-39Qualified for next year Group 2
5Kurshjaj Klajpeda641035190-39
6Perkjunas Plunge0000000
Perkjunas Plunge retired after the start of the tournament.
Baltrex-PRC Siauliai, being a 2nd XV, could not qualify for next season Group 1 and was substituted by Rysiu Statiba Panevezys.
Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius renounced to next season Group 1 and was substituted by Kurshjaj Klajpeda.

Second phase
26/09/2009Salda Siauliai - Kurshjaj Klajpeda29-3
04/10/2009BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius22-19
04/10/2009Kurshjaj Klajpeda - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys8-14
11/10/2009Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - Salda Siauliai6-19
11/10/2009Rysiu Statiba Panevezys - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai17-36
17/10/2009Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys11-5
18/10/2009BaltRex-PRC Siauliai - Salda Siauliai5-60
25/10/2009Kurshjaj Klajpeda - BaltRex-PRC Siauliai26-19
25/10/2009Salda Siauliai - Rysiu Statiba Panevezys41-21
31/10/2009Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius - Kurshjaj Klajpeda28-14