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Poland - I Liga Season: Competition overview
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I Liga
II Liga

II Liga 2004/05

Teams variations
Relegated from I Liga 2003/04:Pogon Siedlce
Promoted to I Liga 2004/05:SKRA Warsawa
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2004/05:Budowlani SA Lodz II (Auto relegation) - KR Torun (Auto relegation) - Ogniwo Sopot II (Auto relegation)
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2003/04:Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz - Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski - RC Oswiecenia Krakow

Final results
Promoted to I Liga 2005/06:Juvenia Krakow - Pogon Siedlce
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2005/06:RC Oswiecenia Krakow (Auto relegation)

First phase
Zona A
1MKS Olsztyn1665011738588Qualified for playoff
2Arka Gdynia II13540115950109
3Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski9611461141-80Qualified for playout
4Chaos Poznan6501430147-117
Arka Gdynia II, being a 2nd XV, could not play final phase and was substituted by Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski.

First phase
04/09/2004Arka Gdynia II - Chaos PoznanCancelled
04/09/2004MKS Olsztyn - Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski33-12
11/09/2004Arka Gdynia II - Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski29-5
11/09/2004Chaos Poznan - MKS Olsztyn5-29
25/09/2004Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski - Chaos Poznan24-8
25/09/2004MKS Olsztyn - Arka Gdynia II22-14
09/10/2004Chaos Poznan - Arka Gdynia II10-37
09/10/2004Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski - MKS Olsztyn13-26
16/10/2004Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski - Arka Gdynia II0-38
16/10/2004MKS Olsztyn - Chaos Poznan50-0
23/10/2004Arka Gdynia II - MKS Olsztyn41-13
23/10/2004Chaos Poznan - Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski7-7

Zona B
1Juvenia Krakow16650152048472Qualified for playoff
2Pogon Siedlce166501318107211
3Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz106204150325-175Qualified for playout
4RC Oswiecenia Krakow6600627535-508

First phase
04/09/2004Juvenia Krakow - RC Oswiecenia Krakow139-0
04/09/2004Pogon Siedlce - Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz78-12
11/09/2004Juvenia Krakow - Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz114-3
11/09/2004RC Oswiecenia Krakow - Pogon Siedlce0-76
25/09/2004Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz - RC Oswiecenia Krakow55-10
25/09/2004Pogon Siedlce - Juvenia Krakow32-22
09/10/2004Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz - Pogon Siedlce22-36
09/10/2004RC Oswiecenia Krakow - Juvenia Krakow0-124
16/10/2004Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz - Juvenia Krakow0-87
16/10/2004Pogon Siedlce - RC Oswiecenia Krakow83-17
23/10/2004Juvenia Krakow - Pogon Siedlce34-13
23/10/2004RC Oswiecenia Krakow - Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz0-58

Second phase
1Pogon Siedlce18660026151210Promoted
2Juvenia Krakow1464021458461Qualified for playoff
3MKS Olsztyn7610555195-140
4Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski7610544175-131
MKS Olsztyn had a 1 point deduction for not playing against Juvenia Krakow on 04/06.
Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski had a 1 point deduction for not playing against Juvenia Krakow on 09/04.

Second phase
09/04/2005Juvenia Krakow - Czarni Pruszcz GdanskiHome team
walk over
09/04/2005Pogon Siedlce - MKS Olsztyn65-0
16/04/2005MKS Olsztyn - Juvenia Krakow7-57
16/04/2005Pogon Siedlce - Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski58-0
22/04/2005Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski - MKS Olsztyn22-17
22/04/2005Juvenia Krakow - Pogon Siedlce21-31
14/05/2005Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski - Juvenia Krakow19-49
14/05/2005MKS Olsztyn - Pogon Siedlce12-48
04/06/2005Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski - Pogon Siedlce0-32
04/06/2005Juvenia Krakow - MKS OlsztynHome team
walk over
11/06/2005MKS Olsztyn - Czarni Pruszcz Gdanski19-3
11/06/2005Pogon Siedlce - Juvenia Krakow27-18

1Chaos Poznan8420299954
2Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz842022272-50
3Arka Gdynia II64202732746
4RC Oswiecenia Krakow0000000
RC Oswiecenia Krakow retired after first phase.
Arka Gdynia II had a 2 points deduction for not playing against Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz on 22/04 and 11/06.

Second phase
09/04/2005Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz - Chaos Poznan12-34
16/04/2005Chaos Poznan - Arka Gdynia II27-31
22/04/2005Arka Gdynia II - Bialo-Czarni Nowy SaczAway team
walk over
14/05/2005Chaos Poznan - Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz38-10
04/06/2005Arka Gdynia II - Chaos Poznan42-0
11/06/2005Bialo-Czarni Nowy Sacz - Arka Gdynia IIHome team
walk over