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Poland - Ekstraliga Season: Competition overview
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I Liga

Ekstraliga 2018

Teams variations

Final results

Group phase
Group 1
1Budowlani SA Lodz4088005073547280Qualified for playoff
2Lechia Gdansk29860224510613950
3Orkan Sochaczew118206140216-7622
4KS Budowlani Lodz108206159404-24520Qualified for playout
5Arka Gdynia98206137427-29010
Orkan Sochaczew had a 1 point deduction
for not playing against Lechia Gdansk on 16/06.

Group phase
31/03/2018Arka Gdynia - Orkan Sochaczew20-19
31/03/2018Budowlani SA Lodz - KS Budowlani Lodz45-8
07/04/2018Orkan Sochaczew - Budowlani SA Lodz5-36
14/04/2018Lechia Gdansk - KS Budowlani Lodz66-0
21/04/2018Budowlani SA Lodz - Lechia Gdansk33-3
21/04/2018KS Budowlani Lodz - Orkan Sochaczew19-31
28/04/2018Arka Gdynia - KS Budowlani Lodz69-8
28/04/2018Orkan Sochaczew - Lechia Gdansk15-27
05/05/2018KS Budowlani Lodz - Budowlani SA Lodz3-85
05/05/2018Orkan Sochaczew - Arka Gdynia46-8
26/05/2018Budowlani SA Lodz - Orkan Sochaczew80-0
27/05/2018Lechia Gdansk - Arka Gdynia31-5
02/06/2018Arka Gdynia - Budowlani SA Lodz6-112
02/06/2018KS Budowlani Lodz - Lechia Gdansk12-74
09/06/2018Lechia Gdansk - Budowlani SA Lodz3-29
09/06/2018Orkan Sochaczew - KS Budowlani Lodz24-26
16/06/2018KS Budowlani Lodz - Arka Gdynia83-10
16/06/2018Lechia Gdansk - Orkan SochaczewHome team
walk over
27/06/2018Arka Gdynia - Lechia Gdansk12-41
25/08/2018Budowlani SA Lodz - Arka Gdynia87-7

Group 2
1Pogon Siedlce36880025310714640Qualified for playoff
2Ogniwo Sopot31860230410719761
3Budowlani Lublin2284041941692542
4SKRA Warsawa118206116272-15630Qualified for playout
5Juvenia Krakow18008115327-21201

Group phase
31/03/2018Budowlani Lublin - Juvenia Krakow31-11
31/03/2018Ogniwo Sopot - SKRA Warsawa62-0
07/04/2018SKRA Warsawa - Juvenia Krakow31-15
14/04/2018Pogon Siedlce - SKRA Warsawa49-14
21/04/2018Ogniwo Sopot - Juvenia Krakow80-13
21/04/2018Pogon Siedlce - Budowlani Lublin22-17
28/04/2018Budowlani Lublin - SKRA Warsawa31-5
28/04/2018Juvenia Krakow - Pogon Siedlce24-36
05/05/2018Juvenia Krakow - Budowlani Lublin18-36
06/05/2018SKRA Warsawa - Ogniwo Sopot17-28
26/05/2018Juvenia Krakow - SKRA Warsawa17-20
27/05/2018Pogon Siedlce - Ogniwo Sopot11-9
02/06/2018Ogniwo Sopot - Budowlani Lublin38-14
02/06/2018SKRA Warsawa - Pogon Siedlce3-34
09/06/2018Budowlani Lublin - Pogon Siedlce13-15
09/06/2018Juvenia Krakow - Ogniwo Sopot5-38
16/06/2018Pogon Siedlce - Juvenia Krakow55-12
16/06/2018SKRA Warsawa - Budowlani Lublin26-36
24/06/2018Budowlani Lublin - Ogniwo Sopot16-34
25/08/2018Ogniwo Sopot - Pogon Siedlce15-31

Second phase
1Budowlani SA Lodz4164021968411232Qualified to semifinals
2Pogon Siedlce396501155847130
3Ogniwo Sopot3465011881206830
4Lechia Gdansk206204118213-9512
5Orkan Sochaczew9620491140-4902
6Budowlani Lublin6600694201-10713
Points from first phase against teams qualified for playoff were maintained.

Second phase
01/09/2018Budowlani SA Lodz - Budowlani Lublin40-10
01/09/2018Lechia Gdansk - Ogniwo Sopot17-24
01/09/2018Pogon Siedlce - Orkan Sochaczew29-5
15/09/2018Ogniwo Sopot - Budowlani SA Lodz18-17
15/09/2018Pogon Siedlce - Lechia Gdansk48-7
16/09/2018Orkan Sochaczew - Budowlani Lublin15-10
22/09/2018Budowlani Lublin - Lechia Gdansk12-17
22/09/2018Ogniwo Sopot - Orkan Sochaczew37-14
23/09/2018Budowlani SA Lodz - Pogon Siedlce14-20
06/10/2018Budowlani Lublin - Budowlani SA Lodz17-62
06/10/2018Ogniwo Sopot - Lechia Gdansk71-6
06/10/2018Orkan Sochaczew - Pogon Siedlce13-20
13/10/2018Budowlani SA Lodz - Ogniwo Sopot42-11
13/10/2018Lechia Gdansk - Pogon Siedlce24-30
14/10/2018Budowlani Lublin - Orkan Sochaczew17-20
20/10/2018Lechia Gdansk - Budowlani Lublin47-28
20/10/2018Orkan Sochaczew - Ogniwo Sopot24-27
20/10/2018Pogon Siedlce - Budowlani SA Lodz8-21

1SKRA Warsawa204202104120-1620
2Juvenia Krakow164301135587721
3Arka Gdynia1442027496-2210
4KS Budowlani Lodz114103104143-3920Qualified for playout
Points from first phase against teams qualified for playout were maintained.

Second phase
15/09/2018Arka Gdynia - SKRA Warsawa36-23
15/09/2018KS Budowlani Lodz - Juvenia Krakow10-48
22/09/2018Juvenia Krakow - Arka Gdynia25-0
22/09/2018SKRA Warsawa - KS Budowlani Lodz40-29
06/10/2018Juvenia Krakow - KS Budowlani Lodz36-20
06/10/2018SKRA Warsawa - Arka Gdynia22-10
20/10/2018Arka Gdynia - Juvenia Krakow28-26
20/10/2018KS Budowlani Lodz - SKRA Warsawa45-19

Final phase
Budowlani SA Lodz
10/27/2018 - 41-21Budowlani SA Lodz
11/10/2018 - 38-16
Lechia GdanskBudowlani SA Lodz
Pogon Siedlce
10/27/2018 - 15-23
Ogniwo Sopot
Ogniwo Sopot
3rd place final
Pogon Siedlce
11/10/2018 - 5-0Pogon Siedlce
Lechia Gdansk

KS Budowlani Lodz
11/10/2018 - Walk OverKS Budowlani Lodz
Arka Rumia