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Czech Republic - Czech Cup Season: Competition overview
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KB Cup

KB Cup 2008

Final results
Winner:RC Ricany
Regional Cup:RC Havirov

Group A
1RC Tatra Smichov2044002702724340Qualified to quarter finals
2RC Sparta Praha14430110698820
3RC Slavia Praha1242021895513431
4RC Prelouc5410378138-6010Qualified for CSRU Cup
5ARC Iuridica040047332-32500

05/04/2008RC Prelouc - RC Slavia Praha10-34
06/04/2008ARC Iuridica - RC Sparta Praha7-31
12/04/2008RC Sparta Praha - RC Prelouc46-0
12/04/2008RC Tatra Smichov - RC Slavia Praha23-12
26/04/2008RC Slavia Praha - RC Sparta Praha20-22
27/04/2008ARC Iuridica - RC Tatra Smichov0-118
04/05/2008ARC Iuridica - RC Prelouc0-60
04/05/2008RC Tatra Smichov - RC Sparta Praha71-7
11/05/2008RC Prelouc - RC Tatra Smichov8-58
11/05/2008RC Slavia Praha - ARC Iuridica123-0

Group B
1RC Praga Praha1643102193118820Qualified to quarter finals
2RC Ricany1643102004215820
3RK Petrovice94202102881410
4RC Brno Bystrc6410366112-4611Qualified for CSRU Cup
5Nosorozci Slavia-1400422336-31400

05/04/2008RC Brno Bystrc - RC Ricany10-28
05/04/2008RK Petrovice - RC Praga Praha3-21
12/04/2008RC Ricany - RK Petrovice55-7
13/04/2008Nosorozci Slavia - RC Brno Bystrc12-37
26/04/2008RC Praga Praha - RC Ricany18-18
27/04/2008RK Petrovice - Nosorozci Slavia75-0
01/05/2008RC Brno Bystrc - RK Petrovice12-17
04/05/2008Nosorozci Slavia - RC Praga Praha3-125
11/05/2008RC Ricany - Nosorozci Slavia99-7
17/05/2008RC Praga Praha - RC Brno Bystrc55-7

Group C
1RC Dragon Brno2555002042318150Qualified to quarter finals
2RC JIMI Vyskov175401109812810
3RC Havirov12530264471710Qualified for CSRU Cup
4RC Olomouc952036598-3301
5RC Marianske Hory4500541122-8104
6RC Zlin4510456168-11200

05/04/2008RC Marianske Hory - RC Havirov3-10
05/04/2008RC Olomouc - RC JIMI Vyskov13-15
05/04/2008RC Zlin - RC Dragon Brno3-43
12/04/2008RC Dragon Brno - RC Marianske Hory62-0
12/04/2008RC JIMI Vyskov - RC HavirovHome team
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12/04/2008RC Olomouc - RC Zlin27-13
18/04/2008RC Dragon Brno - RC Olomouc36-5
19/04/2008RC Havirov - RC Zlin23-12
26/04/2008RC Havirov - RC Dragon Brno7-27
26/04/2008RC Marianske Hory - RC Olomouc10-15
27/04/2008RC Zlin - RC JIMI Vyskov14-65
03/05/2008RC JIMI Vyskov - RC Dragon Brno8-36
03/05/2008RC Zlin - RC Marianske Hory14-10
04/05/2008RC Olomouc - RC Havirov5-24
11/05/2008RC Marianske Hory - RC JIMI Vyskov18-21

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
RC Praga Praha
5/24/2008 - 69-11RC Praga Praha
5/31/2008 - 8-37
RC JIMI VyskovRC Ricany
RC Dragon Brno6/7/2008 - 23-17
5/25/2008 - 10-16
RC Ricany
RC RicanyRC Ricany
RC Tatra Smichov
5/24/2008 - 48-3RC Tatra Smichov
5/31/2008 - 5-21
RK Petrovice
RC Sparta PrahaRC Slavia Praha
5/25/2008 - 14-34
RC Slavia Praha
RC Slavia Praha

CSRU Cup final phase
CSRU Cup quarter finalsCSRU Cup semifinalsCSRU Cup final
RC Havirov
5/25/2008 - 121-0RC Havirov
5/31/2008 - 30-11
ARC IuridicaRC Havirov
RC Brno Bystrc6/7/2008 - 26-15
5/24/2008 - 46-3
RC Brno Bystrc
RC Marianske HoryRC Havirov
RC Prelouc
5/24/2008 - 83-0RC Prelouc
5/31/2008 - 30-29
Nosorozci Slavia
RC OlomoucRC Prelouc
5/25/2008 - 38-17
RC Olomouc
RC Zlin