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Czech Republic - Narodni Liga Ragby Season: Competition overview
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Extraliga Ragby
Narodni Liga Ragby

Narodni Liga Ragby 2018

First phase
1RC Prelouc3066003847431060Qualified for Narodni Liga
2RC Ceske Budejovice2565013269623050
3RK Petrovice20640233918515440
4ARC Iuridica1563032912078430
5Sumava Nyrsko106204147372-22520
6RC Karlovy Vary4610581352-27110
7RC Rakovnik3600698380-28221
RC Karlovy Vary had a 1 point deduction
for not playing against RC Prelouc on 03/06.

First phase
08/04/2018ARC Iuridica - RC Rakovnik67-12
08/04/2018RC Ceske Budejovice - Sumava Nyrsko74-7
08/04/2018RK Petrovice - RC Karlovy Vary111-0
15/04/2018ARC Iuridica - RC Karlovy Vary81-10
15/04/2018RC Prelouc - RC Ceske Budejovice29-17
15/04/2018Sumava Nyrsko - RK Petrovice21-91
29/04/2018ARC Iuridica - Sumava Nyrsko92-0
29/04/2018RC Rakovnik - RC Karlovy Vary30-40
29/04/2018RK Petrovice - RC Prelouc21-55
06/05/2018RC Ceske Budejovice - RK Petrovice60-19
06/05/2018RC Prelouc - ARC Iuridica81-19
06/05/2018Sumava Nyrsko - RC Rakovnik64-5
20/05/2018ARC Iuridica - RC Ceske Budejovice17-46
20/05/2018RC Rakovnik - RC Prelouc12-91
20/05/2018Sumava Nyrsko - RC Karlovy Vary50-12
27/05/2018RC Ceske Budejovice - RC Rakovnik79-5
27/05/2018RK Petrovice - ARC Iuridica58-15
27/05/2018Sumava Nyrsko - RC Prelouc5-98
03/06/2018RC Prelouc - RC Karlovy VaryHome team
walk over
10/06/2018RC Ceske Budejovice - RC Karlovy Vary50-19
10/06/2018RC Rakovnik - RK Petrovice34-39

1RC Zlin2966002058611950Qualified for Narodni Liga
2RC Havirov136204106126-2042
3RC Marianske Hory126204129184-5531
4RC Brno Bystrc11620478122-4431
RC Havirov had a 1 point deduction
for not playing against RC Brno Bystrc on 15/04.
RC Brno Bystrc had a 1 point deduction
for not playing against RC Havirov on 20/05.

First phase
15/04/2018RC Brno Bystrc - RC HavirovHome team
walk over
15/04/2018RC Marianske Hory - RC Zlin13-39
29/04/2018RC Marianske Hory - RC Brno Bystrc30-10
29/04/2018RC Zlin - RC Havirov57-32
06/05/2018RC Brno Bystrc - RC Zlin0-26
06/05/2018RC Havirov - RC Marianske Hory31-18
20/05/2018RC Havirov - RC Brno BystrcHome team
walk over
20/05/2018RC Zlin - RC Marianske Hory34-0
27/05/2018RC Brno Bystrc - RC Marianske Hory41-37
27/05/2018RC Havirov - RC Zlin14-20
10/06/2018RC Marianske Hory - RC Havirov31-29
10/06/2018RC Zlin - RC Brno Bystrc29-27

Second phase
Narodni Liga Ragby
1RC Zlin2455002149911540Qualified to final
2RC Prelouc21540124610314341
3RC Havirov16530294742031Qualified for 3th place final
4RC Ceske Budejovice1252031811285331
5RC Marianske Hory65104143210-6720
6RK Petrovice0500541305-26410
RK Petrovice had a 1 point deduction for not playing against RC Havirov on 21/10.

Second phase
09/09/2018RC Havirov - RC Ceske Budejovice31-14
09/09/2018RC Prelouc - RC Marianske Hory84-14
09/09/2018RC Zlin - RK Petrovice78-5
16/09/2018RC Marianske Hory - RC Havirov15-34
16/09/2018RC Zlin - RC Prelouc35-28
16/09/2018RK Petrovice - RC Ceske Budejovice0-77
30/09/2018RC Ceske Budejovice - RC Marianske Hory44-28
30/09/2018RC Havirov - RC Zlin12-17
30/09/2018RC Prelouc - RK Petrovice87-22
07/10/2018RC Prelouc - RC Havirov28-17
07/10/2018RC Zlin - RC Ceske Budejovice50-31
07/10/2018RK Petrovice - RC Marianske Hory14-63
21/10/2018RC Ceske Budejovice - RC Prelouc15-19
21/10/2018RC Havirov - RK PetroviceHome team
walk over
21/10/2018RC Marianske Hory - RC Zlin23-34

Final phase
RC Zlin
28/10/2018 - 24-17
RC Zlin
RC Prelouc
3rd place final
RC Havirov
28/10/2018 - 29-17RC Havirov
RC Ceske Budejovice