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Chile - Campeonato Central Apertura Season: Competition overview
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Campeonato Central Apertura

Campeonato Central Apertura 2019

Group phase
Poule A
1COBS2555003362930750Qualifying to semifinals
2Old Macks205401146767040
3PWCC155302138135330Qualifying for 5th place semifinals
4Stade Francais115203135194-5921
5Alumni SC4501493211-11811Qualifying for 9th place semifinals
6Old Locks2501444247-20300

Group phase
16/03/2019Alumni SC - COBS3-73
16/03/2019PWCC - Old Locks54-5
16/03/2019Stade Francais - Old Macks19-38
23/03/2019Old Macks - PWCC34-17
24/03/2019COBS - Stade Francais90-0
24/03/2019Old Locks - Alumni SC24-24
30/03/2019PWCC - COBS26-62
30/03/2019Stade Francais - Alumni SC45-34
31/03/2019Old Locks - Old Macks0-29
06/04/2019Alumni SC - PWCC20-24
06/04/2019COBS - Old Macks28-0
06/04/2019Stade Francais - Old Locks57-15
13/04/2019Old Macks - Alumni SC45-12
13/04/2019PWCC - Stade Francais17-14
14/04/2019Old Locks - COBS0-83

Poule B
1Old Boys2054011991029740Qualifying to semifinals
2Sporting Valparaiso2054012101238740
3Universidad Catolica de Chile1954012209013030Qualifying for 5th place semifinals
4Old Georgians1151041641352934
5Old Reds105203132161-2920Qualifying for 9th place semifinals
6Old Newlanders0500557371-31400

Group phase
15/03/2019Old Reds - Old Boys17-35
16/03/2019Old Georgians - Sporting Valparaiso36-41
16/03/2019Universidad Catolica de Chile - Old Newlanders122-10
22/03/2019Old Newlanders - Old Reds17-60
23/03/2019Sporting Valparaiso - Universidad Catolica de Chile24-11
24/03/2019Old Boys - Old Georgians27-24
30/03/2019Old Georgians - Old Reds31-34
30/03/2019Old Newlanders - Sporting Valparaiso21-69
30/03/2019Universidad Catolica de Chile - Old Boys27-19
05/04/2019Old Georgians - Old Newlanders50-6
06/04/2019Old Boys - Sporting Valparaiso48-31
06/04/2019Old Reds - Universidad Catolica de Chile14-33
13/04/2019Old Newlanders - Old Boys3-70
13/04/2019Sporting Valparaiso - Old Reds45-7
13/04/2019Universidad Catolica de Chile - Old Georgians27-23