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Chile - Torneo Nacional Season: Competition overview
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Torneo Nacional Super 14
Liga de Rugby de Chile
Campeonato Central Apertura

Torneo Nacional Super 14 2013

Final results

First phase
Zona A
1Old Boys2665102058412140Qualified for Copa de Oro
2Old Macks22640227212714542
3Universidad Catolica de Chile20632124213011240
4Old Johns1864021791116820To repechage
5Old Reds116213166171-510Qualified for Copa de Plata
6Alumni SC86105154182-2822
7Santo Tomas0600653466-41300

First phase
15/06/2013Old Boys - Old Macks29-26
15/06/2013Universidad Catolica de Chile - Old Reds33-33
16/06/2013Old Johns - Santo Tomas81-12
22/06/2013Alumni SC - Old Boys14-19
23/06/2013Old Macks - Universidad Catolica de Chile49-25
23/06/2013Santo Tomas - Old Reds7-71
29/06/2013Old Boys - Old Johns29-18
30/06/2013Old Reds - Alumni SC30-28
30/06/2013Santo Tomas - Universidad Catolica de Chile0-95
06/07/2013Old Macks - Santo Tomas97-10
06/07/2013Universidad Catolica de Chile - Old Boys17-17
07/07/2013Old Johns - Alumni SC31-15
13/07/2013Alumni SC - Universidad Catolica de Chile12-31
13/07/2013Old Boys - Old Reds44-6
14/07/2013Old Johns - Old Macks13-8
27/07/2013Alumni SC - Santo Tomas55-21
27/07/2013Old Reds - Old Macks20-42
27/07/2013Universidad Catolica de Chile - Old Johns41-19
03/08/2013Old Boys - Santo Tomas67-3
04/08/2013Old Johns - Old Reds17-6
04/08/2013Old Macks - Alumni SC50-30

Zona B
1Los Troncos2264111591065331Qualified for Copa de Oro
2Stade Francais2265011521213120
4Viña RC176312154975730To repechage
5PWCC106204109108111Qualified for Copa de Plata
6Sporting Valparaiso8620497206-10900
7Old Georgians1600676214-13801

First phase
15/06/2013Los Troncos - PWCC27-18
16/06/2013COBS - Stade Francais32-33
16/06/2013Sporting Valparaiso - Viña RC13-36
22/06/2013Los Troncos - Old Georgians36-7
22/06/2013PWCC - Viña RC16-8
23/06/2013COBS - Sporting Valparaiso67-7
29/06/2013Los Troncos - COBS21-16
29/06/2013Sporting Valparaiso - Stade Francais16-34
02/07/2013Old Georgians - PWCC3-25
06/07/2013PWCC - Sporting Valparaiso19-20
07/07/2013Los Troncos - Stade Francais15-20
07/07/2013Old Georgians - Viña RC16-42
13/07/2013COBS - Old Georgians46-18
13/07/2013Stade Francais - PWCC20-12
13/07/2013Viña RC - Los Troncos27-27
27/07/2013Stade Francais - Old Georgians42-15
27/07/2013Viña RC - COBS10-22
28/07/2013Los Troncos - Sporting Valparaiso33-18
03/08/2013Old Georgians - Sporting Valparaiso17-23
03/08/2013PWCC - COBS19-30
03/08/2013Viña RC - Stade Francais31-3

1Old Johns1864021791116820Qualified to Copa de Oro
2Viña RC176312154975730Qualified to Copa de Plata

Copa de Oro
1Old Macks2465011981089031Qualified to semifinals
2Old Boys2164111871107730
3Universidad Catolica de Chile186402163178-1520
5Stade Francais1663031981138531
6Los Troncos5610583233-15001
7Old Johns4601592262-17002

Copa de Oro
10/08/2013Old Macks - Old Boys33-14
10/08/2013Universidad Catolica de Chile - Los Troncos32-28
11/08/2013COBS - Old Johns70-13
17/08/2013Old Boys - Stade Francais20-14
17/08/2013Old Johns - Universidad Catolica de Chile22-23
18/08/2013Los Troncos - Old Macks17-34
31/08/2013Stade Francais - Universidad Catolica de Chile40-27
01/09/2013COBS - Los Troncos45-0
01/09/2013Old Macks - Old Johns41-18
07/09/2013Old Johns - Old Boys24-24
07/09/2013Stade Francais - COBS20-37
07/09/2013Universidad Catolica de Chile - Old Macks30-27
14/09/2013COBS - Old Boys22-31
14/09/2013Los Troncos - Old Johns21-15
14/09/2013Old Macks - Stade Francais19-9
28/09/2013Old Boys - Los Troncos75-7
28/09/2013Stade Francais - Old Johns83-0
28/09/2013Universidad Catolica de Chile - COBS41-38
05/10/2013Old Boys - Universidad Catolica de Chile23-10
05/10/2013Old Macks - COBS44-20
05/10/2013Stade Francais - Los Troncos32-10

Copa de Plata
1Old Reds2766002038711630Qualified to semifinals
2Alumni SC2365011961049230
3Viña RC1663031681056322
4Old Georgians1563031411251621
6Sporting Valparaiso86105105141-3622
7Santo Tomas0600651326-27500

Copa de Plata
10/08/2013Old Reds - PWCC22-21
10/08/2013Viña RC - Old Georgians47-22
11/08/2013Santo Tomas - Alumni SC14-65
17/08/2013Old Reds - Viña RC14-13
17/08/2013PWCC - Alumni SC5-29
18/08/2013Sporting Valparaiso - Santo Tomas39-0
31/08/2013Old Reds - Old Georgians38-7
31/08/2013PWCC - Santo Tomas36-9
31/08/2013Viña RC - Sporting Valparaiso22-10
07/09/2013Alumni SC - Viña RC21-14
07/09/2013PWCC - Old Georgians15-26
08/09/2013Sporting Valparaiso - Old Reds18-25
14/09/2013Alumni SC - Sporting Valparaiso51-20
14/09/2013Old Georgians - Santo Tomas48-0
14/09/2013Viña RC - PWCC0-28
28/09/2013Old Georgians - Alumni SC13-20
29/09/2013Santo Tomas - Old Reds18-66
29/09/2013Sporting Valparaiso - PWCC13-18
05/10/2013Alumni SC - Old Reds10-38
05/10/2013Old Georgians - Sporting Valparaiso25-5
06/10/2013Santo Tomas - Viña RC10-72

Final phase
Old Macks
10/20/2013 - 19-32COBS
10/26/2013 - 26-17
Old Boys
10/20/2013 - 11-32
Universidad Catolica de Chile
Universidad Catolica de Chile

Copa de Plata finals
Old Reds
10/20/2013 - 53-7Old Reds
10/26/2013 - 13-6
Old GeorgiansOld Reds
Alumni SC
10/20/2013 - 18-17
Alumni SC
Viña RC