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Germany - Bundesliga 2 Season: Competition overview
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Bundesliga 2

Bundesliga 2 2014/15

The best teams qualified for DRV Cup, while the other teams played the League Cup.

Teams variations
Relegated from Bundesliga 2013/14:RC Mainz - TuS 95 Düsseldorf - USV Potsdam - Veltener RC
Promoted to Bundesliga 2014/15:RU Hohen Neuendorf - SG Siemensstadt/Grizzlies
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2014/15:Freiburger RC - TSV 1846 Nürnberg - Union 60 Bremen
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2013/14:Berliner RC II - RC Luxemburg - SG Odin/Vfr Döhren - TGS Hausen - USV Halle

Final results
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2015/16:RC Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (Auto relegation) - RC Mainz (Auto relegation)

First phase
1Hannover 78 II18440094395520Qualified for DVR Cup
2Bremen 1860144301141449720
3Welfen Braunschweig642028186-510Qualified for League Cup
4SG Odin/Vfr Döhren3410357111-5411
5DRC Hannover-6400425118-9300
DRC Hannover had a 6 points deduction.
Hannover 78 II and Welfen Braunschweig had a 3 points deduction.

First phase
30/08/2014SG Odin/Vfr Döhren - DRC Hannover27-17
06/09/2014Bremen 1860 - DRC HannoverHome team
walk over
06/09/2014Welfen Braunschweig - SG Odin/Vfr DöhrenHome team
walk over
13/09/2014DRC Hannover - Welfen Braunschweig8-16
13/09/2014Hannover 78 II - Bremen 186023-15
20/09/2014DRC Hannover - Hannover 78 II0-25
20/09/2014SG Odin/Vfr Döhren - Bremen 186016-27
27/09/2014Bremen 1860 - Welfen Braunschweig49-5
28/09/2014Hannover 78 II - SG Odin/Vfr Döhren17-14
04/10/2014Hannover 78 II - Welfen Braunschweig29-10

1Berliner RC II2355001585710130Qualified for DVR Cup
2Veltener RC1954012154317230
3USV Jena105203106911511Qualified for League Cup
4Berliner SC8510477136-5922
5RC Dresden5511369135-6610
6USV Halle4511339202-16300
RC Dresden and USV Halle had a 2 points deduction.

First phase
30/08/2014Berliner RC II - USV Halle58-7
30/08/2014Veltener RC - Berliner SC57-3
31/08/2014USV Jena - RC Dresden19-5
06/09/2014Berliner SC - USV Jena37-21
06/09/2014USV Halle - Veltener RC6-76
07/09/2014RC Dresden - Berliner RC II22-34
13/09/2014Berliner RC II - Berliner SC13-8
13/09/2014USV Halle - RC Dresden10-10
20/09/2014Berliner SC - USV Halle7-13
20/09/2014Veltener RC - RC DresdenHome team
walk over
21/09/2014USV Jena - Berliner RC II5-29
27/09/2014RC Dresden - Berliner SC32-22
27/09/2014USV Halle - USV Jena3-51
28/09/2014Berliner RC II - Veltener RC24-15
04/10/2014USV Jena - Veltener RC10-17

1RC Rottweil2455001852915640Qualified for DVR Cup
2StuSta München18540199693020
3München RFC145302140865420Qualified for League Cup
4Neckarsulmer SU85203101106-511
5TSV Handschuhsheim II65104105101411
6Stuttgarter RC0500514253-23900
Neckarsulmer SU had a 2 points deduction.

First phase
30/08/2014München RFC - Neckarsulmer SU24-22
30/08/2014StuSta München - Stuttgarter RC26-8
30/08/2014TSV Handschuhsheim II - RC Rottweil15-32
06/09/2014StuSta München - RC Rottweil9-27
06/09/2014TSV Handschuhsheim II - München RFC14-29
13/09/2014Neckarsulmer SU - StuSta München12-20
13/09/2014RC Rottweil - München RFC20-5
14/09/2014TSV Handschuhsheim II - Stuttgarter RC52-3
20/09/2014München RFC - Stuttgarter RC72-0
20/09/2014RC Rottweil - Neckarsulmer SU47-0
21/09/2014StuSta München - TSV Handschuhsheim II14-12
27/09/2014Stuttgarter RC - RC Rottweil0-59
28/09/2014Neckarsulmer SU - TSV Handschuhsheim II23-12
04/10/2014StuSta München - München RFC30-10
11/10/2014Stuttgarter RC - Neckarsulmer SU3-44

1RC Luxemburg1954011636010330Qualified for DVR Cup
2TGS Hausen1654011791067300
3TuS 95 Düsseldorf165302151896231Qualified for League Cup
4RC Bonn-Rhein-Sieg11520389185-9630
5RC Mainz3510490143-5303
6Eintracht Frankfurt2510495184-8900
RC Mainz had a 4 points deduction.
Eintracht Frankfurt had a 2 points deduction.

First phase
30/08/2014RC Bonn-Rhein-Sieg - Eintracht Frankfurt26-17
30/08/2014TGS Hausen - RC Mainz15-30
30/08/2014TuS 95 Düsseldorf - RC Luxemburg5-20
06/09/2014RC Bonn-Rhein-Sieg - RC Mainz27-21
06/09/2014RC Luxemburg - TGS HausenAway team
walk over
06/09/2014TuS 95 Düsseldorf - Eintracht Frankfurt31-12
13/09/2014RC Bonn-Rhein-Sieg - RC Luxemburg0-34
13/09/2014RC Mainz - Eintracht Frankfurt18-25
13/09/2014TGS Hausen - TuS 95 Düsseldorf22-18
20/09/2014RC Luxemburg - RC MainzHome team
walk over
20/09/2014TGS Hausen - Eintracht Frankfurt50-36
20/09/2014TuS 95 Düsseldorf - RC Bonn-Rhein-Sieg71-14
27/09/2014RC Bonn-Rhein-Sieg - TGS Hausen22-42
27/09/2014RC Luxemburg - Eintracht Frankfurt59-5
27/09/2014RC Mainz - TuS 95 Düsseldorf21-26