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United States - DI Championship - Midwest Season: Competition overview
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DI Championship
Atlantic North
Midwest Rugby Premiership
Mid Atlantic
Red River
Pacific North
Southern California

Midwest Rugby Premiership 2018/19

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1Chicago Lions32860236213422871Qualified to final
2Chicago Griffins3186022932078670
3Detroit Tradesmen3186022651986770
5Cincinnati Wolfhounds38008142351-20912

Group phase
08/09/2018Cincinnati Wolfhounds - Chicago Lions12-36
08/09/2018Columbus - Detroit Tradesmen5-41
15/09/2018Chicago Lions - Columbus75-21
15/09/2018Detroit Tradesmen - Chicago Griffins45-29
22/09/2018Chicago Griffins - Columbus36-19
22/09/2018Detroit Tradesmen - Cincinnati Wolfhounds29-22
29/09/2018Chicago Lions - Detroit Tradesmen48-27
29/09/2018Cincinnati Wolfhounds - Chicago Griffins32-36
06/10/2018Chicago Griffins - Chicago Lions0-28
06/10/2018Columbus - Cincinnati Wolfhounds35-22
13/10/2018Chicago Lions - Cincinnati Wolfhounds88-0
13/10/2018Detroit Tradesmen - Columbus41-17
20/10/2018Chicago Griffins - Cincinnati Wolfhounds69-20
20/10/2018Detroit Tradesmen - Chicago Lions30-19
27/10/2018Cincinnati Wolfhounds - Detroit Tradesmen12-28
27/10/2018Columbus - Chicago Griffins10-47
03/11/2018Chicago Griffins - Detroit Tradesmen46-24
10/11/2018Chicago Lions - Chicago Griffins29-30
10/11/2018Cincinnati Wolfhounds - Columbus22-30
17/11/2018Columbus - Chicago Lions14-39

Poule B
1Metropolis RC3888003239922460Qualified to final
2Palmer College Dragons2885032391449553
3St. Louis Bombers1984042182021621
4Kansas City Blues148305235228720
5Milwaukee Barbarians38008112454-34212
Metropolis RC renounced to play the final.

Group phase
08/09/2018Kansas City Blues - St. Louis Bombers20-40
08/09/2018Metropolis RC - Milwaukee Barbarians72-3
15/09/2018Milwaukee Barbarians - Palmer College Dragons14-48
15/09/2018St. Louis Bombers - Metropolis RC0-59
22/09/2018Milwaukee Barbarians - Kansas City Blues34-39
22/09/2018Palmer College Dragons - Metropolis RC19-22
29/09/2018Kansas City Blues - Palmer College Dragons21-33
29/09/2018St. Louis Bombers - Milwaukee Barbarians90-3
06/10/2018Metropolis RC - Kansas City Blues27-14
06/10/2018Palmer College Dragons - St. Louis Bombers10-12
13/10/2018Milwaukee Barbarians - Metropolis RC10-55
13/10/2018St. Louis Bombers - Kansas City Blues10-17
20/10/2018Metropolis RC - St. Louis Bombers41-23
20/10/2018Palmer College Dragons - Milwaukee Barbarians36-17
27/10/2018Kansas City Blues - Milwaukee Barbarians92-10
27/10/2018Metropolis RC - Palmer College Dragons18-17
10/11/2018Milwaukee Barbarians - St. Louis Bombers21-22
10/11/2018Palmer College Dragons - Kansas City Blues45-19
17/11/2018Kansas City Blues - Metropolis RC13-29
17/11/2018St. Louis Bombers - Palmer College Dragons21-31

Final phase