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United States - Women's DI Championship - Atlantic North Season: Competition overview
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Women's DI Championship
Atlantic North
Mid Atlantic
Red River
Northern California
Southern California

Women's DI Championship - Atlantic North 2016/17

Final results

First phase
New England
1Monmouth Renegades3988002639616770Qualified to semifinals
2Village Lions Women24841328714813951
3Morris Women208323172203-3140
4Brooklyn Women198314197211-1450
5Danbury Mad Hatters-1800842303-26100

First phase
10/09/2016Brooklyn Women - Monmouth Renegades24-34
10/09/2016Village Lions Women - Danbury Mad Hatters59-0
17/09/2016Danbury Mad Hatters - Brooklyn Women0-27
17/09/2016Morris Women - Monmouth Renegades12-63
24/09/2016Brooklyn Women - Village Lions Women17-53
24/09/2016Danbury Mad Hatters - Morris Women10-47
01/10/2016Monmouth Renegades - Danbury Mad HattersHome team
walk over
08/10/2016Morris Women - Brooklyn Women29-29
08/10/2016Village Lions Women - Monmouth Renegades12-19
15/10/2016Danbury Mad Hatters - Village Lions Women10-57
15/10/2016Monmouth Renegades - Brooklyn Women29-17
22/10/2016Brooklyn Women - Danbury Mad Hatters27-10
22/10/2016Monmouth Renegades - Morris Women24-0
29/10/2016Morris Women - Danbury Mad Hatters24-0
29/10/2016Village Lions Women - Brooklyn Women51-15
12/11/2016Danbury Mad Hatters - Monmouth Renegades12-62
12/11/2016Village Lions Women - Morris Women24-24
19/11/2016Brooklyn Women - Morris Women41-5
19/11/2016Monmouth Renegades - Village Lions Women32-19
08/04/2017Morris Women - Village Lions Women31-12

1Beantown RFC2966002791226750Qualified to semifinals
2Boston Women1162135099-4910
3Albany Knicks Women7611473143-7010
The matches against DII teams were valid for the table.

First phase
10/09/2016Albany Knicks Women - Boston Women5-17
17/09/2016Albany Knicks Women - Beantown RFC7-67
01/10/2016Boston Women - Albany Knicks Women5-5
08/10/2016Beantown RFC - Boston Women24-0
22/10/2016Beantown RFC - Albany Knicks Women27-0
29/10/2016Boston Women - Beantown RFC0-45
Interdivisional matches
First phase
10/09/2016Beantown RFC - Providence Women36-5
24/09/2016Albany Knicks Women - Providence Women17-27
24/09/2016Boston Women - Burlington Women28-0
01/10/2016Burlington Women - Beantown RFC0-80
15/10/2016Burlington Women - Albany Knicks Women0-39
22/10/2016Providence Women - Boston Women20-0

Final phase
Beantown RFC
29/04/2017 - 53-5Beantown RFC
06/05/2017 - 26-10
Village Lions WomenBeantown RFC
Monmouth Renegades
29/04/2017 - 33-26
Monmouth Renegades
Boston Women