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Australia - National Women's Championship Season: Competition overview
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National Women's Championship

National Women's Championship 2016

The tournament was held in Riverview, New South Wales.
In the first day the matches lasted 20 minutes per half.
In the last two days the matches lasted 30 minutes per half.

Final results

Regular season
Eastern Conference
1Sydney R.U. Women1433009959420Qualified to final
2Western Australia Women832012925400Qualified to 3rd place final
3ADFRU Women431022258-3600Qualified to 5th place final
4Victoria Women130031072-6201Qualified for 7th place final

Regular season
24/06/2016Sydney R.U. Women - ADFRU Women38-5
24/06/2016Western Australia Women - Victoria Women19-0
24/06/2016Sydney R.U. Women - Victoria Women36-0
24/06/2016Western Australia Women - ADFRU Women10-0
25/06/2016ADFRU Women - Victoria Women17-10
25/06/2016Sydney R.U. Women - Western Australia Women25-0

Western Conference
1ACT Women10320156193720Qualified to final
2Queensland Women10320158154311Qualified to 3rd place final
3NSW Country Women932012929010Qualified to 5th place final
4South Australia Women03003787-8000Qualified for 7th place final

Regular season
24/06/2016NSW Country Women - Queensland Women5-0
24/06/2016ACT Women - South Australia Women24-0
24/06/2016ACT Women - NSW Country Women22-0
24/06/2016Queensland Women - South Australia Women39-0
25/06/2016NSW Country Women - South Australia Women24-7
25/06/2016Queensland Women - ACT Women19-10

Final phase
Sydney R.U. Women
26/06/2016 - 35-3Sydney R.U. Women
ACT Women
3rd place final
Queensland Women
26/06/2016 - 16-7Queensland Women
Western Australia Women
5th place final
NSW Country Women
26/06/2016 - 17-0NSW Country Women
7th place final
Victoria Women
26/06/2016 - 27-5Victoria Women
South Australia Women