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United States - Women's Premier League Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League

Women's Premier League 2019

Final results

Regular season
Eastern Conference
1Atlanta Harlequins35870131010720370Qualified to semifinals
2New York R.C. Women2585031981643450
3Beantown RFC188404142162-2020Qualified to first phase 3rd placed semifinal
4Twin Cities Amazons168305201245-4431Qualified to first phase 4th/5th placed semifinals
5Chicago North Shore6810782255-17311

Regular season
18/08/2019Beantown RFC - Atlanta Harlequins32-22
18/08/2019Chicago North Shore - Twin Cities Amazons31-10
24/08/2019Atlanta Harlequins - New York R.C. Women25-7
25/08/2019Beantown RFC - Twin Cities Amazons12-22
31/08/2019Twin Cities Amazons - Atlanta Harlequins22-45
01/09/2019New York R.C. Women - Chicago North Shore31-5
08/09/2019Chicago North Shore - Beantown RFC3-10
08/09/2019Twin Cities Amazons - New York R.C. Women39-20
14/09/2019Beantown RFC - New York R.C. Women3-22
15/09/2019Chicago North Shore - Atlanta Harlequins7-22
21/09/2019Atlanta Harlequins - Beantown RFC34-12
22/09/2019Twin Cities Amazons - Chicago North Shore56-17
29/09/2019New York R.C. Women - Atlanta Harlequins12-51
29/09/2019Twin Cities Amazons - Beantown RFC20-22
05/10/2019Atlanta Harlequins - Twin Cities Amazons62-15
06/10/2019Chicago North Shore - New York R.C. Women12-38
19/10/2019Beantown RFC - Chicago North Shore39-7
20/10/2019New York R.C. Women - Twin Cities Amazons36-17
27/10/2019Atlanta Harlequins - Chicago North Shore49-0
27/10/2019New York R.C. Women - Beantown RFC32-12

Western Conference
1Life West Gladiatrix36870133213819471Qualified to semifinals
2Glendale Merlins Women34870133414219260
3Berkeley All Blues198305170193-2352Qualified to first phase 3rd placed semifinal
4San Diego Surfers168305215217-231Qualified to first phase 4th/5th placed semifinals
5ORSU Women0800857418-36100

Regular season
17/08/2019Berkeley All Blues - ORSU Women29-5
17/08/2019Glendale Merlins Women - Life West Gladiatrix21-43
24/08/2019Life West Gladiatrix - ORSU Women55-5
24/08/2019San Diego Surfers - Glendale Merlins Women17-29
31/08/2019Life West Gladiatrix - Berkeley All Blues36-20
31/08/2019ORSU Women - San Diego Surfers7-48
07/09/2019Berkeley All Blues - Glendale Merlins Women17-19
07/09/2019San Diego Surfers - Life West Gladiatrix16-40
14/09/2019Berkeley All Blues - San Diego Surfers24-18
14/09/2019Glendale Merlins Women - ORSU Women98-0
21/09/2019Life West Gladiatrix - Glendale Merlins Women29-31
21/09/2019ORSU Women - Berkeley All Blues7-34
28/09/2019Berkeley All Blues - Life West Gladiatrix14-15
28/09/2019San Diego Surfers - ORSU Women58-0
05/10/2019Glendale Merlins Women - Berkeley All Blues57-12
06/10/2019Life West Gladiatrix - San Diego Surfers59-10
19/10/2019ORSU Women - Glendale Merlins Women12-41
19/10/2019San Diego Surfers - Berkeley All Blues36-20
26/10/2019Glendale Merlins Women - San Diego Surfers38-12
27/10/2019ORSU Women - Life West Gladiatrix21-55

Final phase
Atlanta Harlequins
11/1/2019 - 15-35Glendale Merlins Women
11/3/2019 - 39-31
Glendale Merlins WomenGlendale Merlins Women
Life West Gladiatrix
11/1/2019 - 34-31
Life West Gladiatrix
New York R.C. Women
3rd place final
Atlanta Harlequins
11/3/2019 - 20-26New York R.C. Women
New York R.C. Women
First phase 3rd placed semifinal
Beantown RFC
11/1/2019 - 0-38Berkeley All Blues
Berkeley All Blues
First phase 4th/5th placed semifinal
Twin Cities Amazons
11/1/2019 - 33-46ORSU Women
ORSU Women
First phase 4th/5th placed semifinal
San Diego Surfers
11/1/2019 - 55-12San Diego Surfers
Chicago North Shore
5th place final
Berkeley All Blues
11/3/2019 - 22-31San Diego Surfers
San Diego Surfers
7th place final
Beantown RFC
11/3/2019 - 22-33ORSU Women
ORSU Women
9th place final
Twin Cities Amazons
11/3/2019 - 33-25Twin Cities Amazons
Chicago North Shore