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South Africa - Women's Interprovincial Season: Competition overview
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Women's Interprovincial

Women's Interprovincial 2003

Final results

First phase
Section A
1Blue Bulls Women2766005432252183330Qualified to final
2Golden Lions Women2165011969898241510
3KZN Women18640221115556352220
4Valke Women15630320599106321412
5Pumas Women9620452334-282104710
6Griffons Women4610569321-25285000
7Leopards Women0600634281-24764700

First phase
26/04/2003Golden Lions Women - KZN Women15-14
26/04/2003Pumas Women - Griffons Women15-5
26/04/2003Valke Women - Blue Bulls Women8-44
27/05/2003Blue Bulls Women - Pumas Women96-0
31/05/2003Griffons Women - Golden Lions Women10-41
31/05/2003KZN Women - Leopards Women32-7
28/06/2003Golden Lions Women - Blue Bulls Women7-64
28/06/2003Leopards Women - Griffons Women15-24
28/06/2003Pumas Women - Valke Women0-57
26/07/2003Blue Bulls Women - Leopards Women117-0
26/07/2003Griffons Women - KZN Women18-48
26/07/2003Valke Women - Golden Lions Women10-11
23/08/2003KZN Women - Blue Bulls Women7-84
30/08/2003Golden Lions Women - Pumas Women86-0
12/09/2003Leopards Women - Valke Women0-40
27/09/2003Blue Bulls Women - Griffons Women138-0
27/09/2003Pumas Women - Leopards Women32-12
27/09/2003Valke Women - KZN Women26-32
11/10/2003Griffons Women - Valke Women12-64
11/10/2003KZN Women - Pumas Women78-5
11/10/2003Leopards Women - Golden Lions Women0-36

Section B
1Eastern Province Women2465102704722342720Qualified to final
2Western Province Women2365011925114127721
3Border Women1964111956113433810
4SWD Women136303102138-36162110
5Boland Women761141361342242110
6Free State Women6611488116-28141900
7Griquas Women0600617453-43627500

First phase
25/04/2003Boland Women - Border Women0-27
26/04/2003Griquas Women - Free State Women0-50
26/04/2003Western Province Women - Eastern Province Women15-17
31/05/2003Border Women - Western Province Women8-17
31/05/2003Eastern Province Women - SWD Women72-7
31/05/2003Free State Women - Boland Women12-12
28/06/2003Boland Women - Griquas Women104-0
28/06/2003SWD Women - Border Women12-24
28/06/2003Western Province Women - Free State Women25-0
26/07/2003Border Women - Eastern Province Women17-17
26/07/2003Free State Women - SWD Women10-19
26/07/2003Griquas Women - Western Province Women3-86
30/08/2003Eastern Province Women - Free State Women19-8
30/08/2003SWD Women - Griquas Women37-7
30/08/2003Western Province Women - Boland Women29-15
20/09/2003Griquas Women - Eastern Province Women0-98
27/09/2003Boland Women - SWD Women5-19
27/09/2003Free State Women - Border Women8-41
10/10/2003Border Women - Griquas Women78-7
11/10/2003Eastern Province Women - Boland Women47-0
11/10/2003SWD Women - Western Province Women8-20

Final phase