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Scotland - Sarah Beaney Cup Season: Competition overview
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Sarah Beaney Cup

Sarah Beaney Cup 2019

Final results
Winner:Watsonians Women
Women's Plate:Stewartry Women
Women's Bowl:Greenock Wanderers Women

First phase
Group 1
1Ayr Women102200154015420Qualified for final phase
2Wigtownshire Women5210126108-8210Qualified for Plate
3Biggar Women120022092-7201Qualified for Bowl

First phase
03/03/2019Ayr Women - Biggar Women66-0
17/03/2019Wigtownshire Women - Ayr Women0-88
24/03/2019Biggar Women - Wigtownshire Women20-26

Group 2
1Cartha Queens Park Women102200112710520Qualified for final phase
2Oban Lorne Women5210145261910Qualified for Plate
3West of Scotland Women020020124-12400Qualified for Bowl

First phase
03/03/2019Cartha Queens Park Women - Oban Lorne Women26-7
10/03/2019Oban Lorne Women - West of Scotland Women38-0
15/03/2019West of Scotland Women - Cartha Queens Park Women0-86

Group 3
1Hillhead/Jordanhill Women1022001412112020Qualified for final phase
2Stewartry Women5210149341510Qualified for Plate
3Hamilton Women020020135-13500Qualified for Bowl

First phase
03/03/2019Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Stewartry Women34-21
10/03/2019Stewartry Women - Hamilton WomenHome team
walk over
24/03/2019Hamilton Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women0-107

Group 4
1Stirling County Women511005505510Qualified for final phase
2Orkney Women01001055-5500Qualified for Plate
3Aberdeenshire Quines000000000Qualified for Bowl

First phase
10/03/2019Stirling County Women - Orkney Women55-0
17/03/2019Aberdeenshire Quines - Stirling County WomenCancelled
23/03/2019Orkney Women - Aberdeenshire QuinesCancelled

Group 5
1Corstorphine Women102200113011320Qualified for final phase
2Grangemouth Women521013733410Qualified for Plate
3Livingston Women020025122-11700Qualified for Bowl

First phase
03/03/2019Corstorphine Women - Grangemouth WomenHome team
walk over
10/03/2019Grangemouth Women - Livingston Women37-5
17/03/2019Livingston Women - Corstorphine Women0-85

Group 6
1Watsonians Women102200108010820Qualified for final phase
2Kirkcaldy Women5210137108-7110Qualified for Plate
3Liberton Women02002037-3700Qualified for Bowl

First phase
03/03/2019Watsonians Women - Kirkcaldy Women108-0
10/03/2019Kirkcaldy Women - Liberton Women37-0
17/03/2019Liberton Women - Watsonians WomenAway team
walk over

Group 7
1Broughton Women511004904910Qualified for final phase
2Lismore Women01001049-4900Qualified for Plate
3Falkirk Women000000000Qualified for Bowl

First phase
03/03/2019Broughton Women - Lismore Women49-0
10/03/2019Lismore Women - Falkirk WomenCancelled
17/03/2019Falkirk Women - Broughton WomenCancelled

Group 8
1Heriot's FP Women1022004383520Qualified for final phase
2Kelso Women521013743-610Qualified for Plate
3Royal Dick Vet College Women02002029-2900Qualified for Bowl

First phase
03/03/2019Heriot's FP Women - Kelso Women43-8
10/03/2019Kelso Women - Royal Dick Vet College Women29-0
17/03/2019Royal Dick Vet College Women - Heriot's FP WomenAway team
walk over

Group 9
1Howe of Fife Women1022001421013220Qualified for final phase
2Inverness Craig Dunain Women521012775-4810Qualified for Plate
3Stornoway Women0200217101-8400Qualified for Bowl

First phase
10/03/2019Howe of Fife Women - Stornoway Women79-5
17/03/2019Inverness Craig Dunain Women - Howe of Fife Women5-63
23/03/2019Stornoway Women - Inverness Craig Dunain Women12-22

Group 10
1Annan Women15330074294530Qualified for final phase
2Glasgow University Women10320189513820Qualified for Plate
3Greenock Wanderers Women53102105654010Qualified for Bowl
4Ardrossan Women030035128-12300

First phase
03/03/2019Ardrossan Women - Greenock Wanderers Women5-100
03/03/2019Glasgow University Women - Annan Women29-46
10/03/2019Annan Women - Ardrossan WomenHome team
walk over
17/03/2019Annan Women - Greenock Wanderers WomenHome team
walk over
17/03/2019Glasgow University Women - Ardrossan WomenHome team
walk over
24/03/2019Greenock Wanderers Women - Glasgow University Women5-60

Group 11
1Garioch Women153300191019130Qualified for final phase
2Shetland Women103201118437520Qualified for Plate
3Peterhead Women5310231137-10610Qualified for Bowl
4Huntly Women2300322182-16011

First phase
02/03/2019Shetland Women - Peterhead Women34-5
03/03/2019Garioch Women - Huntly Women72-0
10/03/2019Peterhead Women - Garioch Women0-81
10/03/2019Shetland Women - Huntly Women84-0
17/03/2019Huntly Women - Peterhead Women22-26
24/03/2019Garioch Women - Shetland Women38-0

Final phase

Round of 16Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Kelso Women
07/04/2019 - 65-0
Kelso Women
21/04/2019 - 19-26
Lismore Women
Glasgow University Women
Wigtownshire Women27/04/2019 - 19-24
31/03/2019 - 0-38Glasgow University Women
14/04/2019 - 27-15
Glasgow University Women
Oban Lorne WomenGlasgow University Women
06/04/2019 - 77-0
Oban Lorne Women
Shetland WomenStewartry Women
Stewartry Women
07/04/2019 - Walk Over
Stewartry Women
14/04/2019 - 70-0
Kirkcaldy Women
Stewartry Women
Inverness Craig Dunain Women
07/04/2019 - 21-17
Orkney WomenInverness Craig Dunain Women
31/03/2019 - Walk Over
Orkney Women
Grangemouth Women

Round of 16Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Ardrossan Women
31/03/2019 - 0-99Greenock Wanderers Women
07/04/2019 - Walk Over
Greenock Wanderers WomenGreenock Wanderers Women
14/04/2019 - 54-23
Liberton Women
Greenock Wanderers Women
27/04/2019 - 72-12
Huntly Women
07/04/2019 - 7-30
West of Scotland Women
West of Scotland Women
Greenock Wanderers Women
Stornoway Women
13/04/2019 - Walk OverStornoway Women
14/04/2019 - Walk Over
Peterhead WomenStornoway Women
21/04/2019 - Walk Over
Royal Dick Vet College Women
Livingston Women
Hamilton Women
07/04/2019 - 0-69
Livingston WomenLivingston Women
31/03/2019 - Walk Over
Livingston Women
Biggar Women