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Scotland - Women's National League 2 Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League
Women's National League 1
Women's National League 2

Women's National League 2 2018

There shall be no automatic promotion or relegation at the end of the 2018 Transitional Season.

Teams variations
Relegated from Women's National League 1 2017/18:Melrose Women
Promoted to Women's National League 1 2018:Oban Lorne Women
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2018:Helensburgh Women
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2017/18:West of Scotland Women

Regular season
1Kelso Women2966001442511950Qualified for playoff
2West of Scotland Women22640225211813451
3Aberdeenshire Quines1964021841038130
4Grangemouth Women1562042301537743
5Royal Dick Vet College Women14630381176-9520Qualified for playout
6Lismore Women10620470178-10820
7Ardrossan Women-1600651259-20811
8Melrose Women000000000
Melrose retired before the start of the tournament.

Regular season
26/08/2018Ardrossan Women - Grangemouth Women17-56
26/08/2018Kelso Women - Lismore Women28-0
26/08/2018West of Scotland Women - Kelso Women20-22
09/09/2018Aberdeenshire Quines - Grangemouth Women59-43
09/09/2018Lismore Women - Ardrossan Women28-0
16/09/2018Grangemouth Women - West of Scotland Women27-34
16/09/2018Lismore Women - Aberdeenshire Quines5-35
16/09/2018Royal Dick Vet College Women - Kelso Women0-28
23/09/2018Kelso Women - Ardrossan Women28-0
23/09/2018Royal Dick Vet College Women - Grangemouth Women21-19
23/09/2018West of Scotland Women - Lismore Women28-0
29/09/2018Aberdeenshire Quines - Ardrossan Women28-0
30/09/2018Grangemouth Women - Kelso Women5-10
30/09/2018West of Scotland Women - Royal Dick Vet College Women77-0
05/10/2018Lismore Women - Royal Dick Vet College Women25-7
06/10/2018Aberdeenshire Quines - West of Scotland Women55-0
07/10/2018Ardrossan Women - Royal Dick Vet College Women20-26
14/10/2018Ardrossan Women - West of Scotland Women14-93
14/10/2018Grangemouth Women - Lismore Women80-12
14/10/2018Kelso Women - Aberdeenshire Quines28-0
20/10/2018Royal Dick Vet College Women - Aberdeenshire Quines27-7

Second phase
1Kelso Women40320189771230
2West of Scotland Women273102114902410
3Aberdeenshire Quines26310299135-3621
4Grangemouth Women2532015959020

Second phase
28/10/2018Kelso Women - Grangemouth Women26-12
11/11/2018Aberdeenshire Quines - Kelso Women46-29
11/11/2018West of Scotland Women - Grangemouth Women14-22
18/11/2018Grangemouth Women - Aberdeenshire Quines25-19
18/11/2018Kelso Women - West of Scotland Women34-19
25/11/2018West of Scotland Women - Aberdeenshire Quines81-34

1Royal Dick Vet College Women24220064194520
2Lismore Women16210147242311
3Ardrossan Women-12002068-6800

Second phase
28/10/2018Royal Dick Vet College Women - Ardrossan Women40-0
11/11/2018Ardrossan Women - Lismore Women0-28
18/11/2018Lismore Women - Royal Dick Vet College Women19-24