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Scotland - Women's National Championship Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League
Women's National League

Women's Premier League 2012/13

First phase
Premier A

Premier B
1Watsonians Women2775022937322052Qualified for Premier 1
2Cartha Queens Park Women2675111786011831
3Stirling County Women2484221901553540Qualified for Premier 2
4Dundee University Women8712469259-19000
5Aberdeenshire Quines3701642197-15510

First phase
16/09/2012Stirling County Women - Aberdeenshire Quines37-22
16/09/2012Watsonians Women - Cartha Queens Park Women24-17
23/09/2012Aberdeenshire Quines - Watsonians Women0-38
23/09/2012Cartha Queens Park Women - Dundee University Women61-7
30/09/2012Cartha Queens Park Women - Aberdeenshire QuinesHome team
walk over
30/09/2012Dundee University Women - Stirling County Women7-74
07/10/2012Aberdeenshire Quines - Dundee University Women10-10
07/10/2012Stirling County Women - Watsonians Women22-15
14/10/2012Cartha Queens Park Women - Stirling County Women30-7
14/10/2012Dundee University Women - Watsonians WomenCancelled
21/10/2012Dundee University Women - Cartha Queens Park Women0-15
21/10/2012Watsonians Women - Aberdeenshire Quines67-5
28/10/2012Aberdeenshire Quines - Stirling County Women0-26
28/10/2012Cartha Queens Park Women - Watsonians Women15-10
04/11/2012Aberdeenshire Quines - Cartha Queens Park WomenCancelled
04/11/2012Stirling County Women - Dundee University Women12-12
10/11/2012Dundee University Women - Aberdeenshire Quines19-5
11/11/2012Watsonians Women - Stirling County Women57-0
18/11/2012Stirling County Women - Cartha Queens Park Women12-12
18/11/2012Watsonians Women - Dundee University Women82-14

Premier C
1Broughton Women3066002504120960Qualified for Premier 2
2Morgan Women1763031421033941
3Edinburgh University Women10620477183-10620
4Glasgow University Women5610543185-14210

First phase
30/09/2012Edinburgh University Women - Glasgow University Women27-0
30/09/2012Morgan Women - Broughton Women17-34
07/10/2012Broughton Women - Edinburgh University Women43-7
07/10/2012Glasgow University Women - Morgan Women5-29
14/10/2012Broughton Women - Glasgow University Women45-5
14/10/2012Edinburgh University Women - Morgan Women31-29
28/10/2012Glasgow University Women - Broughton Women0-45
28/10/2012Morgan Women - Edinburgh University WomenHome team
walk over
04/11/2012Edinburgh University Women - Broughton Women12-55
04/11/2012Morgan Women - Glasgow University Women39-5
11/11/2012Broughton Women - Morgan WomenHome team
walk over
11/11/2012Glasgow University Women - Edinburgh University WomenHome team
walk over

Second phase
Premier 1

Premier 2
1Stirling County Women2555002452621950
2Broughton Women145302104594520Relegated to new National League 1
3Aberdeenshire Quines145302120117320
4Dundee University Women1252037982-322
5Morgan Women12520386103-1731
6Glasgow University Women0500519266-24700Relegated to new National League 2

Second phase
13/01/2013Dundee University Women - Glasgow University Women24-7
13/01/2013Morgan Women - Stirling County Women0-47
27/01/2013Broughton Women - Dundee University Women12-5
27/01/2013Glasgow University Women - Aberdeenshire Quines0-75
03/02/2013Dundee University Women - Stirling County Women12-34
03/02/2013Glasgow University Women - Morgan Women5-31
17/02/2013Aberdeenshire Quines - Dundee University Women19-18
17/02/2013Morgan Women - Broughton Women25-5
17/02/2013Stirling County Women - Glasgow University Women104-7
23/02/2013Stirling County Women - Broughton Women29-7
09/03/2013Broughton Women - Glasgow University Women32-0
17/03/2013Aberdeenshire Quines - Stirling County Women0-31
17/03/2013Morgan Women - Dundee University Women10-20
14/04/2013Broughton Women - Aberdeenshire Quines48-0
21/04/2013Aberdeenshire Quines - Morgan Women26-20