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Scotland - Women's Premier League Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League
Women's National League 1
Women's National League 2

Women's Premier League 2016/17

The matches played in the first phase were valid also for the second phase.

Final results

Regular season
1Murrayfield Wanderers Women3066003443431060Qualified for playoff
2Hillhead/Jordanhill Women2665013597528460
3RHC Cougars Women2064022878919840
4Stewartry Women146303114214-10020
5Stirling County Women6610543193-15011Qualified for playout
6Ayr Women5610575322-24710
7Cartha Queens Park Women4610549344-29500
8Melrose Women000000000

Regular season
02/09/2016Ayr Women - Cartha Queens Park Women5-19
04/09/2016Stewartry Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women0-64
04/09/2016Stirling County Women - Murrayfield Wanderers Women5-52
11/09/2016Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Stirling County Women67-0
11/09/2016RHC Cougars Women - Ayr Women91-5
11/09/2016Stewartry Women - Murrayfield Wanderers Women0-55
16/09/2016Ayr Women - Stewartry Women33-46
16/09/2016Cartha Queens Park Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women10-87
16/09/2016Stirling County Women - RHC Cougars Women0-49
02/10/2016Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Murrayfield Wanderers Women24-38
02/10/2016RHC Cougars Women - Cartha Queens Park Women75-15
02/10/2016Stewartry Women - Stirling County Women10-0
07/10/2016Ayr Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women12-79
07/10/2016Murrayfield Wanderers Women - RHC Cougars Women31-0
14/10/2016Stirling County Women - Ayr Women10-15
16/10/2016Murrayfield Wanderers Women - Cartha Queens Park Women91-0
16/10/2016Stewartry Women - RHC Cougars Women0-57
23/10/2016Ayr Women - Murrayfield Wanderers Women5-77
23/10/2016Cartha Queens Park Women - Stirling County WomenAway team
walk over
23/10/2016RHC Cougars Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women15-38
26/10/2016Cartha Queens Park Women - Stewartry Women5-58

Second phase

1Ayr Women2510505220353-13330
2Stirling County Women111020896289-19311
3Cartha Queens Park Women91020899465-36600
4Melrose Women000000000Relegated

Second phase
06/11/2016Ayr Women - Cartha Queens Park Women51-5
04/12/2016Cartha Queens Park Women - Stirling County Women26-10
11/12/2016Ayr Women - Stirling County Women38-0
18/12/2016Stirling County Women - Cartha Queens Park Women31-5
08/01/2017Cartha Queens Park Women - Ayr Women14-29
15/01/2017Stirling County Women - Ayr Women12-27