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Argentina - Women's Nacional de Clubes Season: Competition overview
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Women's Nacional de Clubes
Women's Seven de la Republica

Women's Nacional de Clubes 2016

The tournament was held in Santo Tomé.

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1Cardenales Women 7s933001075102Qualified for semifinals
2Villa Gesell Women 7s732014147-6Qualified for Plate
3Nevado Women 7s531022748-21Qualified for Bowl
4Marabunta Women 7s33003782-75Qualified for Shield

Group phase
08/10/2016Cardenales Women 7s - Villa Gesell Women 7s42-0
08/10/2016Nevado Women 7s - Marabunta Women 7s17-7
08/10/2016Cardenales Women 7s - Marabunta Women 7s41-0
08/10/2016Villa Gesell Women 7s - Nevado Women 7s17-5
08/10/2016Cardenales Women 7s - Nevado Women 7s24-5
08/10/2016Villa Gesell Women 7s - Marabunta Women 7s24-0

Poule B
1CAPRI Women 7s93300681751Qualified for semifinals
2La Plata R.C. Women 7s73201442717Qualified for Plate
3Aguara Guazu Women 7s531023644-8Qualified for Bowl
4Pumai Women 7s330031575-60Qualified for Shield

Group phase
08/10/2016La Plata R.C. Women 7s - Aguara Guazu Women 7s22-10
08/10/2016CAPRI Women 7s - Pumai Women 7s34-10
08/10/2016La Plata R.C. Women 7s - Pumai Women 7s15-0
08/10/2016CAPRI Women 7s - Aguara Guazu Women 7s17-0
08/10/2016CAPRI Women 7s - La Plata R.C. Women 7s17-7
08/10/2016Aguara Guazu Women 7s - Pumai Women 7s26-5

Poule C
1Echague Women 7s83210463610Qualified for semifinals
2Centro Naval Women 7s73201571740Qualified for Plate
3Sirenas Smata Women 7s631114144-3Qualified for Bowl
4San Patricio Women 7s330032673-47Qualified for Shield

Group phase
08/10/2016Centro Naval Women 7s - San Patricio Women 7s37-0
08/10/2016Echague Women 7s - Sirenas Smata Women 7s17-17
08/10/2016Centro Naval Women 7s - Sirenas Smata Women 7s15-5
08/10/2016Echague Women 7s - San Patricio Women 7s17-14
08/10/2016Echague Women 7s - Centro Naval Women 7s12-5
08/10/2016Sirenas Smata Women 7s - San Patricio Women 7s19-12

Poule D
1Cha Roga Women 7s73201491930Qualified for semifinals
2U.N.C. Women 7s73201652738Qualified for Plate
3Comercial Women 7s732014954-5Qualified for Bowl
4Calafate Women 7s330032992-63Qualified for Shield

Group phase
08/10/2016U.N.C. Women 7s - Calafate Women 7s43-0
08/10/2016Cha Roga Women 7s - Comercial Women 7s22-0
08/10/2016Comercial Women 7s - U.N.C. Women 7s22-15
08/10/2016Cha Roga Women 7s - Calafate Women 7s22-12
08/10/2016U.N.C. Women 7s - Cha Roga Women 7s7-5
08/10/2016Comercial Women 7s - Calafate Women 7s27-17

CAPRI Women 7s
09/10/2016 - 24-7CAPRI Women 7s
09/10/2016 - 10-5
Echague Women 7sCAPRI Women 7s
Cardenales Women 7s
09/10/2016 - 27-0
Cardenales Women 7s
Cha Roga Women 7s
3rd place final
Echague Women 7s
09/10/2016 - 10-5Echague Women 7s
Cha Roga Women 7s

Shield semifinalsShield final
San Patricio Women 7s
09/10/2016 - ???San Patricio Women 7s
09/10/2016 - 19-12
Pumai Women 7sSan Patricio Women 7s
Calafate Women 7s
09/10/2016 - 17-5
Calafate Women 7s
Marabunta Women 7s
15th place final
Pumai Women 7s
09/10/2016 - 17-7Pumai Women 7s
Marabunta Women 7s