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England - Women's Senior Cup Season: Competition overview
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Women's Senior Cup
Women's Intermediate Cup

Women's Senior Cup 2017/18

Final results

First phase
Group A
1Harlequins Ladies II2255001661615020Qualified for semifinals
2Saracens Ladies II2054012135915440
3Lichfield Ladies165302112733922
4Bath Ladies8520352180-12800
5Worcester Ladies II5510454208-15401
6Blackheath Ladies250053899-6102

First phase
14/10/2017Lichfield Ladies - Harlequins Ladies II6-19
15/10/2017Bath Ladies - Worcester Ladies II28-24
15/10/2017Blackheath Ladies - Saracens Ladies II10-65
19/11/2017Harlequins Ladies II - Blackheath LadiesHome team
walk over
19/11/2017Saracens Ladies II - Bath Ladies74-0
19/11/2017Worcester Ladies II - Lichfield Ladies20-43
17/12/2017Bath Ladies - Harlequins Ladies II0-27
17/12/2017Blackheath Ladies - Lichfield Ladies7-10
17/12/2017Saracens Ladies II - Worcester Ladies II42-5
07/01/2018Bath Ladies - Blackheath Ladies24-21
07/01/2018Harlequins Ladies II - Worcester Ladies II95-5
07/01/2018Lichfield Ladies - Saracens Ladies II19-27
25/02/2018Harlequins Ladies II - Saracens Ladies II25-5
25/02/2018Lichfield Ladies - Bath Ladies34-0
25/02/2018Worcester Ladies II - Blackheath LadiesHome team
walk over

Group B
1West Park Leeds Ladies23550098386030Qualified for semifinals
2Wasps Ladies II1954011997112830
3Henley Ladies1453028691-520
4Richmond Ladies II1352031461014523
5Firwood Waterloo Ladies II5510460129-6910
6Sheffield Ladies1500547206-15901

First phase
14/10/2017West Park Leeds Ladies - Henley Ladies31-0
15/10/2017Sheffield Ladies - Firwood Waterloo Ladies II15-24
15/10/2017Wasps Ladies II - Richmond Ladies II22-10
19/11/2017Firwood Waterloo Ladies II - Wasps Ladies II12-42
19/11/2017Henley Ladies - Sheffield Ladies36-7
19/11/2017Richmond Ladies II - West Park Leeds Ladies26-31
16/12/2017Wasps Ladies II - Sheffield Ladies85-8
17/12/2017Henley Ladies - Richmond Ladies II12-10
17/12/2017West Park Leeds Ladies - Firwood Waterloo Ladies IIHome team
walk over
07/01/2018Firwood Waterloo Ladies II - Richmond Ladies II19-39
07/01/2018Wasps Ladies II - Henley Ladies38-5
21/01/2018Sheffield Ladies - West Park Leeds LadiesAway team
walk over
24/02/2018West Park Leeds Ladies - Wasps Ladies II36-12
25/02/2018Henley Ladies - Firwood Waterloo Ladies II33-5
25/02/2018Richmond Ladies II - Sheffield Ladies61-17

Group C
1Cheltenham Ladies164301147717631Qualified for semifinals
2Bristol Ladies II1453021584511320
3Darlington Mowden Park Ladies II1453027097-2711
4Thurrock Ladies1253021534-1900
5Novocastrians Ladies842022536-1100
6West Bridgford Ladies1500514146-13201

First phase
15/10/2017Bristol Ladies II - Darlington Mowden Park Ladies II34-19
15/10/2017Thurrock Ladies - Novocastrians LadiesHome team
walk over
15/10/2017West Bridgford Ladies - Cheltenham Ladies14-39
19/11/2017Bristol Ladies II - West Bridgford Ladies97-0
19/11/2017Cheltenham Ladies - Thurrock Ladies34-15
19/11/2017Novocastrians Ladies - Darlington Mowden Park Ladies II15-36
16/12/2017Novocastrians Ladies - Cheltenham LadiesCancelled
17/12/2017Darlington Mowden Park Ladies II - West Bridgford LadiesHome team
walk over
17/12/2017Thurrock Ladies - Bristol Ladies IIHome team
walk over
07/01/2018Bristol Ladies II - Cheltenham Ladies27-26
07/01/2018Darlington Mowden Park Ladies II - Thurrock LadiesHome team
walk over
07/01/2018West Bridgford Ladies - Novocastrians Ladies0-10
25/02/2018Cheltenham Ladies - Darlington Mowden Park Ladies II48-15
25/02/2018Novocastrians Ladies - Bristol Ladies IIHome team
walk over
25/02/2018Thurrock Ladies - West Bridgford LadiesHome team
walk over

Group D
1Gloucester Hartpury Ladies II143300105198620Qualified for semifinals
2Loughborough Town Ladies932016484-2010
3Loughborough Lightning II531021466-5201
4Eccles Ladies130032438-1401
5Hove Ladies000000000
6Trojans Ladies000000000
Hove and Trojans retired after the start of the tournament.
All its matches were cancelled.

First phase
15/10/2017Gloucester Hartpury Ladies II - Loughborough Lightning II52-7
19/11/2017Gloucester Hartpury Ladies II - Eccles LadiesHome team
walk over
17/12/2017Loughborough Town Ladies - Loughborough Lightning II14-7
07/01/2018Loughborough Town Ladies - Gloucester Hartpury Ladies II12-53
28/01/2018Loughborough Town Ladies - Eccles Ladies38-24
25/02/2018Loughborough Lightning II - Eccles LadiesHome team
walk over