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England - Women's Senior Cup Season: Competition overview
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Women's Senior Cup
Women's Intermediate Cup

Women's Senior Cup 2014/15

Final results

Group phase
Group 1
1Wasps Ladies1954011623712521Qualified to semifinals
2Saracens Ladies195401136429421
3Lichfield Ladies1954011393610321Qualified for Shield
4Worcester Valkyries Ladies9520356197-14110
5Camp Hill Ladies4510429210-18100
6Trojans Ladies050050000

Group phase
16/11/2014Saracens Ladies - Camp Hill Ladies55-17
16/11/2014Trojans Ladies - Worcester Valkyries LadiesAway team
walk over
16/11/2014Wasps Ladies - Lichfield Ladies19-20
08/02/2015Camp Hill Ladies - Trojans LadiesHome team
walk over
08/02/2015Lichfield Ladies - Saracens Ladies5-17
08/02/2015Worcester Valkyries Ladies - Wasps Ladies0-70
22/02/2015Camp Hill Ladies - Lichfield Ladies0-46
22/02/2015Saracens Ladies - Worcester Valkyries Ladies54-5
22/02/2015Trojans Ladies - Wasps LadiesAway team
walk over
01/03/2015Trojans Ladies - Lichfield LadiesAway team
walk over
01/03/2015Wasps Ladies - Saracens Ladies15-10
01/03/2015Worcester Valkyries Ladies - Camp Hill Ladies51-5
08/03/2015Lichfield Ladies - Worcester Valkyries Ladies68-0
08/03/2015Saracens Ladies - Trojans LadiesHome team
walk over
08/03/2015Wasps Ladies - Camp Hill Ladies58-7

Group 2
1Richmond Ladies2355001554710830Qualified to semifinals
2Firwood Waterloo Ladies1553028175612
3Darlington Mowden Park Ladies1352125254-212Qualified for Shield
4Aylesford Bulls Ladies1252125885-2711
5Thurrock Ladies852033050-2000
6Bristol Ladies3500566131-6503

Group phase
16/11/2014Aylesford Bulls Ladies - Firwood Waterloo Ladies7-19
16/11/2014Bristol Ladies - Richmond Ladies10-44
16/11/2014Thurrock Ladies - Darlington Mowden Park LadiesAway team
walk over
08/02/2015Aylesford Bulls Ladies - Darlington Mowden Park Ladies17-17
08/02/2015Firwood Waterloo Ladies - Richmond Ladies12-26
08/02/2015Thurrock Ladies - Bristol LadiesHome team
walk over
22/02/2015Darlington Mowden Park Ladies - Bristol Ladies25-10
22/02/2015Firwood Waterloo Ladies - Thurrock Ladies10-20
22/02/2015Richmond Ladies - Aylesford Bulls Ladies25-5
01/03/2015Bristol Ladies - Aylesford Bulls Ladies24-29
01/03/2015Darlington Mowden Park Ladies - Firwood Waterloo Ladies0-7
01/03/2015Thurrock Ladies - Richmond Ladies10-40
08/03/2015Aylesford Bulls Ladies - Thurrock LadiesHome team
walk over
08/03/2015Bristol Ladies - Firwood Waterloo Ladies22-33
08/03/2015Richmond Ladies - Darlington Mowden Park Ladies20-10

Richmond Ladies
3/15/2015 - 13-14Saracens Ladies
4/11/2015 - 31-12
Saracens LadiesSaracens Ladies
Wasps Ladies
3/15/2015 - 41-24
Wasps Ladies
Firwood Waterloo Ladies