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United States - American Rugby Premiership Season: Competition overview
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American Rugby Premiership

American Rugby Premiership 2016

It was used also as Atlantic North DI Championship.

Life Running Eagles did not partecipate to the tournament but played some matches not counted for the table, called Atlantic Cup Senior men's Elite.

Final results

Regular season
1New York Athletic Club37880037312325050Winner
2New York Old Blue3286023459624962
3Mystic River24840432317115253
4Boston Irish Wolfhounds118206162349-18730

Regular season
10/09/2016Boston - New York Athletic Club10-48
10/09/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - New York Old Blue0-56
17/09/2016Boston - Boston Irish Wolfhounds22-27
17/09/2016New York Old Blue - Mystic River29-22
24/09/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - New York Athletic Club7-38
24/09/2016Mystic River - Boston86-0
01/10/2016Mystic River - Boston Irish Wolfhounds28-11
01/10/2016New York Athletic Club - New York Old Blue19-13
08/10/2016Boston - New York Old Blue0-89
08/10/2016Mystic River - New York Athletic Club22-27
15/10/2016Boston - Mystic River0-87
15/10/2016New York Old Blue - Boston Irish Wolfhounds81-0
22/10/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - Mystic River16-36
22/10/2016New York Athletic Club - Boston74-0
29/10/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - Boston72-7
29/10/2016New York Old Blue - New York Athletic Club25-30
12/11/2016Mystic River - New York Old Blue25-32
12/11/2016New York Athletic Club - Boston Irish Wolfhounds81-29
19/11/2016New York Athletic Club - Mystic River56-17
19/11/2016New York Old Blue - Boston20-0
Interdivisional matches
Regular season
15/10/2016New York Athletic Club - Life Running Eagles42-32
22/10/2016Life Running Eagles - New York Old Blue18-15
29/10/2016Mystic River - Life Running Eagles43-17