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United States - American Rugby Premiership Season: Competition overview
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American Rugby Premiership

American Rugby Premiership 2016/17

Final results

Regular season
1New York Athletic Club37880037312325050Winner
2New York Old Blue3286023459624962
3Mystic River24840432317115253
4Boston Irish Wolfhounds118206162349-18730

Regular season
10/09/2016Boston - New York Athletic Club10-48
10/09/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - New York Old Blue0-56
17/09/2016Boston - Boston Irish Wolfhounds22-27
17/09/2016New York Old Blue - Mystic River29-22
24/09/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - New York Athletic Club7-38
24/09/2016Mystic River - Boston86-0
01/10/2016Mystic River - Boston Irish Wolfhounds28-11
01/10/2016New York Athletic Club - New York Old Blue19-13
08/10/2016Boston - New York Old Blue0-89
08/10/2016Mystic River - New York Athletic Club22-27
15/10/2016Boston - Mystic River0-87
15/10/2016New York Old Blue - Boston Irish Wolfhounds81-0
22/10/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - Mystic River16-36
22/10/2016New York Athletic Club - Boston74-0
29/10/2016Boston Irish Wolfhounds - Boston72-7
29/10/2016New York Old Blue - New York Athletic Club25-30
12/11/2016Mystic River - New York Old Blue25-32
12/11/2016New York Athletic Club - Boston Irish Wolfhounds81-29
19/11/2016New York Athletic Club - Mystic River56-17
19/11/2016New York Old Blue - Boston20-0