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Africa Women's Sevens Championship Season: Competition overview
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Africa Women's Sevens Championship

Africa Women's Sevens Championship 2015

The tournament was held in Kempton Park, South Africa.
It was used as african qualifier for the 2016 Olympics.

Group phase
Poule A
1South Africa Women 7s1244001890189Qualified to semifinals
2Zimbabwe Women 7s104301895039
3Uganda Women 7s842025875-17Qualified for Plate
4Namibia Women 7s6410334119-85
5Zambia Women 7s4400410145-135Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
26/09/2015South Africa Women 7s - Zambia Women 7s57-0
26/09/2015Zimbabwe Women 7s - Uganda Women 7s19-5
26/09/2015South Africa Women 7s - Namibia Women 7s60-0
26/09/2015Zimbabwe Women 7s - Zambia Women 7s37-0
26/09/2015Uganda Women 7s - Namibia Women 7s17-7
26/09/2015South Africa Women 7s - Zimbabwe Women 7s33-0
26/09/2015Uganda Women 7s - Zambia Women 7s36-0
26/09/2015Zimbabwe Women 7s - Namibia Women 7s33-12
27/09/2015South Africa Women 7s - Uganda Women 7s39-0
27/09/2015Namibia Women 7s - Zambia Women 7s15-10

Poule B
1Kenya Women 7s12440014814134Qualified to semifinals
2Tunisia Women 7s1043011113180
3Madagascar Women 7s84202725715Qualified for Plate
4Senegal Women 7s6410337106-69
5Botswana Women 7s4400414168-154Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
26/09/2015Kenya Women 7s - Botswana Women 7s46-7
26/09/2015Tunisia Women 7s - Madagascar Women 7s15-12
26/09/2015Kenya Women 7s - Senegal Women 7s52-0
26/09/2015Tunisia Women 7s - Botswana Women 7s47-0
26/09/2015Madagascar Women 7s - Senegal Women 7s14-5
26/09/2015Kenya Women 7s - Tunisia Women 7s19-7
26/09/2015Madagascar Women 7s - Botswana Women 7s43-7
26/09/2015Tunisia Women 7s - Senegal Women 7s40-0
27/09/2015Kenya Women 7s - Madagascar Women 7s33-0
27/09/2015Senegal Women 7s - Botswana Women 7s32-0

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Madagascar Women 7s
9/27/2015 - 43-0Madagascar Women 7s
9/27/2015 - 15-0
Namibia Women 7sMadagascar Women 7s
Senegal Women 7s
9/27/2015 - 15-10
Senegal Women 7s
Uganda Women 7s
7th place final
Uganda Women 7s
9/27/2015 - 28-0Uganda Women 7s
Namibia Women 7s