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Africa Women's Sevens Championship Season: Competition overview
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Africa Women's Sevens Championship

Africa Women's Sevens Championship 2016

The tournament was held in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1South Africa Women 7s93300102795Qualified to semifinals
2Zimbabwe Women 7s73201602436
3Senegal Women 7s531022268-46Qualified to 5th place final
4Namibia Women 7s33003792-85Qualified for 7th place final

Group phase
17/09/2016South Africa Women 7s - Zimbabwe Women 7s24-7
17/09/2016Senegal Women 7s - Namibia Women 7s22-7
17/09/2016South Africa Women 7s - Senegal Women 7s39-0
17/09/2016Zimbabwe Women 7s - Namibia Women 7s31-0
17/09/2016South Africa Women 7s - Namibia Women 7s39-0
17/09/2016Zimbabwe Women 7s - Senegal Women 7s22-0

Poule B
1Kenya Women 7s93300931776Qualified to semifinals
2Uganda Women 7s732013458-24
3Tunisia Women 7s531024649-3Qualified to 5th place final
4Madagascar Women 7s330032574-49Qualified for 7th place final

Group phase
17/09/2016Kenya Women 7s - Tunisia Women 7s17-12
17/09/2016Madagascar Women 7s - Uganda Women 7s10-12
17/09/2016Kenya Women 7s - Madagascar Women 7s40-0
17/09/2016Tunisia Women 7s - Uganda Women 7s12-17
17/09/2016Kenya Women 7s - Uganda Women 7s36-5
17/09/2016Tunisia Women 7s - Madagascar Women 7s22-15


Plate Final
Senegal Women 7s
18/09/2016 - 7-0
Senegal Women 7s
Tunisia Women 7s
7th place final
Madagascar Women 7s
18/09/2016 - 15-0Madagascar Women 7s
Namibia Women 7s