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Asian Women's Sevens Series Season: Competition overview
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Asian Women's Sevens Championship

Asian Women's Sevens Championship 2012

The tournament was held in Pune, India.
It was used as asian qualifier for the 2013 Women's Rugby World Cup 7s.
Fiji was aggregated to the championship because it was the qualified team from Oceania for the asian qualifier final round.

Group phase
Poule A
1Japan Women 7s6220068563Qualified to quarter finals
2Hong Kong Women 7s42101411922
3India Women 7s22002085-85

Group phase
06/10/2012Hong Kong Women 7s - India Women 7s36-0
06/10/2012Japan Women 7s - India Women 7s49-0
06/10/2012Japan Women 7s - Hong Kong Women 7s19-5

Poule B
1Fiji Women 7s9330013014116Qualified to quarter finals
2Taiwan Women 7s73201774334
3Sri Lanka Women 7s531025770-13
4South Korea Women 7s330030138-138

Group phase
06/10/2012Taiwan Women 7s - South Korea Women 7s45-0
06/10/2012Fiji Women 7s - Sri Lanka Women 7s44-7
06/10/2012Taiwan Women 7s - Sri Lanka Women 7s26-7
06/10/2012Fiji Women 7s - South Korea Women 7s50-0
06/10/2012Sri Lanka Women 7s - South Korea Women 7s43-0
06/10/2012Fiji Women 7s - Taiwan Women 7s36-7

Poule C
1China Women 7s933001190119Qualified to quarter finals
2Thailand Women 7s7320176769
3Philippines Women 7s531024767-20
4Malaysia Women 7s330037134-127

Group phase
06/10/2012Thailand Women 7s - Malaysia Women 7s45-0
06/10/2012China Women 7s - Philippines Women 7s29-0
06/10/2012Thailand Women 7s - Philippines Women 7s31-7
06/10/2012China Women 7s - Malaysia Women 7s49-0
06/10/2012Philippines Women 7s - Malaysia Women 7s40-7
06/10/2012China Women 7s - Thailand Women 7s41-0

Poule D
1Kazakhstan Women 7s933001080108Qualified to quarter finals
2Singapore Women 7s732013946-7
3Iran Women 7s531021061-51
4United Arab Emirates Women 7s330032070-50

Group phase
06/10/2012Singapore Women 7s - Iran Women 7s20-0
06/10/2012Kazakhstan Women 7s - United Arab Emirates Women 7s41-0
06/10/2012Singapore Women 7s - United Arab Emirates Women 7s19-15
06/10/2012Kazakhstan Women 7s - Iran Women 7s36-0
06/10/2012Iran Women 7s - United Arab Emirates Women 7s10-5
06/10/2012Kazakhstan Women 7s - Singapore Women 7s31-0

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Fiji Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 47-0Fiji Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 31-7
Singapore Women 7sFiji Women 7s
Japan Women 7s10/7/2012 - 15-0
10/7/2012 - 12-5
Japan Women 7s
Thailand Women 7sFiji Women 7s
China Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 31-0China Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 17-12
Hong Kong Women 7s
Kazakhstan Women 7sChina Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 34-0
Kazakhstan Women 7s
Taiwan Women 7s
3rd place final
Japan Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 17-7Japan Women 7s
Kazakhstan Women 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Hong Kong Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 27-0Hong Kong Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 19-7
Taiwan Women 7sHong Kong Women 7s
Thailand Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 17-12
Thailand Women 7s
Singapore Women 7s
7th place final
Singapore Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 12-5Singapore Women 7s
Taiwan Women 7s

Bowl quarter finalsBowl semifinalsBowl final
Philippines Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 24-5
Philippines Women 7s
Iran Women 7s10/7/2012 - 22-7
10/7/2012 - 29-7
Iran Women 7s
South Korea Women 7sPhilippines Women 7s
Sri Lanka Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 20-10Sri Lanka Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 33-0
United Arab Emirates Women 7s
India Women 7sSri Lanka Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 5-0
India Women 7s
Malaysia Women 7s
11th place final
Iran Women 7s
10/7/2012 - 17-12Iran Women 7s
India Women 7s