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Women's Rugby World Cup Season: Competition overview
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Women's Rugby World Cup
African qualifiers
American qualifiers
Asian qualifiers
European qualifiers
Oceania qualifiers

Women's Rugby World Cup - European qualifiers 2014

France qualified directly as host nation.
England qualified directly as second in the 2010 Women's Rugby World Cup.
The combined table from 2012 and 2013 Six Nations acted as first round qualifying to the Rugby World Cup the two best teams not already qualified.
The other teams had to play a second qualifier round, held in Madrid, Spain, to assign the two remaining places.
Samoa, being the only team from Oceania not already qualified, was aggregated to this tournament.

Round 1
1England Women161080231183228
2Ireland Women161080219767130Qualified for Women's Rugby World Cup
3France Women141070325770187
4Wales Women810406105192-87Qualified for Women's Rugby World Cup
5Italy Women61030794225-131Qualified to Round 2
6Scotland Women010001015352-337

Round 2
1Spain Women153300171716430Qualified for Women's Rugby World Cup
2Samoa Women11320184691530
3Scotland Women10320195425320
4Italy Women9320199623710
5Netherlands Women0300321138-11700
6Sweden Women030038147-13900

Round 2
20/04/2013Italy Women - Samoa Women65-22
20/04/2013Scotland Women - Netherlands Women29-7
20/04/2013Spain Women - Sweden Women55-0
23/04/2013Italy Women - Scotland Women27-3
23/04/2013Samoa Women - Sweden Women29-0
23/04/2013Spain Women - Netherlands Women78-0
27/04/2013Samoa Women - Netherlands Women33-14
27/04/2013Scotland Women - Sweden Women63-8
27/04/2013Spain Women - Italy Women38-7