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Women's Rugby World Cup Season: Competition overview
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Women's Rugby World Cup

Women's Rugby World Cup 1998

The tournament was played in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and was the first world cup fully sanctioned by the IRB.
No qualifier rounds were played and the 16 teams were invited to play.

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1England Women422001476141Qualified to quarter finals
2Canada Women221012279-57
3Netherlands Women22101511635Qualified for Bowl
4Sweden Women020020139-139

Group phase
01/05/1998Netherlands Women - Canada Women7-16
02/05/1998England Women - Sweden Women75-0
05/05/1998England Women - Canada Women72-6
05/05/1998Netherlands Women - Sweden Women44-0

Poule B
1United States Women4220011716101Qualified to quarter finals
2Spain Women221014456-12
3Wales Women221011013566Qualified for Bowl
4Russia Women020027167-160

Group phase
02/05/1998Spain Women - Wales Women28-18
02/05/1998United States Women - Russia Women84-0
05/05/1998United States Women - Spain Women38-16
05/05/1998Wales Women - Russia Women83-7

Poule C
1New Zealand Women422002106204Qualified to quarter finals
2Scotland Women221013784-47
3Italy Women2210142420Qualified for Bowl
4Germany Women0200211168-157

Group phase
02/05/1998New Zealand Women - Germany Women134-6
02/05/1998Scotland Women - Italy Women37-8
05/05/1998Italy Women - Germany Women34-5
05/05/1998New Zealand Women - Scotland Women76-0

Poule D
1France Women42200331419Qualified to quarter finals
2Australia Women22101291019
3Kazakhstan Women221011829-11Qualified for Bowl
4Ireland Women02002633-27

Group phase
02/05/1998Australia Women - Ireland Women21-0
02/05/1998France Women - Kazakhstan Women23-6
05/05/1998France Women - Australia Women10-8
05/05/1998Kazakhstan Women - Ireland Women12-6

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
New Zealand Women
09/05/1998 - 46-3New Zealand Women
12/05/1998 - 44-11
Spain WomenNew Zealand Women
England Women16/05/1998 - 44-12
09/05/1998 - 30-13
England Women
Australia WomenNew Zealand Women
United States Women
09/05/1998 - 25-10United States Women
12/05/1998 - 46-6
Scotland Women
Canada WomenUnited States Women
09/05/1998 - 9-7
Canada Women
France Women
3rd place final
England Women
16/05/1998 - 31-15England Women
Canada Women

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Australia Women
12/05/1998 - 17-15Australia Women
16/05/1998 - 25-15
Spain WomenAustralia Women
Scotland Women
12/05/1998 - 27-7
Scotland Women
France Women
7th place final
Spain Women
16/05/1998 - 22-9Spain Women
France Women

Bowl quarter finalsBowl semifinalsBowl final
Kazakhstan Women
09/05/1998 - 47-5Kazakhstan Women
12/05/1998 - 18-13
Sweden WomenKazakhstan Women
Wales Women15/05/1998 - 26-10
09/05/1998 - 55-12
Wales Women
Germany WomenKazakhstan Women
Netherlands Women
09/05/1998 - 18-21Ireland Women
12/05/1998 - 20-5
Ireland Women
Italy WomenIreland Women
09/05/1998 - 51-7
Italy Women
Russia Women
11th place final
Wales Women
15/05/1998 - 12-10Wales Women
Italy Women

Shield semifinalsShield final
Netherlands Women
12/05/1998 - 61-0Netherlands Women
15/05/1998 - 67-3
Russia WomenNetherlands Women
Germany Women
12/05/1998 - 20-18
Germany Women
Sweden Women
15th place final
Sweden Women
15/05/1998 - 23-3Sweden Women
Russia Women