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UK & Ireland - British & Irish Cup Season: Competition overview
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British & Irish Cup

British & Irish Cup 2016/17

Final results
Winner:Munster A

Group phase
Group 1
1Jersey2365011819487241030Qualified for quarter finals
2Ulster Ravens20640215312429181622To repechage
3London Scottish126204134157-23182122
4Cardiff Blues Premiership Select76105104197-93132603

Group phase
14/10/2016Ulster Ravens - Jersey19-6
15/10/2016Cardiff Blues Premiership Select - London Scottish21-26
21/10/2016Jersey - Cardiff Blues Premiership Select49-12
22/10/2016London Scottish - Ulster Ravens34-29
09/12/2016Ulster Ravens - Cardiff Blues Premiership Select16-10
10/12/2016London Scottish - Jersey13-22
16/12/2016Jersey - London Scottish23-19
17/12/2016Cardiff Blues Premiership Select - Ulster Ravens27-30
13/01/2017Ulster Ravens - London Scottish38-21
14/01/2017Cardiff Blues Premiership Select - Jersey10-55
21/01/2017Jersey - Ulster Ravens26-21
10/03/2017London Scottish - Cardiff Blues Premiership Select21-24

Group 2
1Munster A194400121556617630Qualified for quarter finals
2Rotherham Titans5410373102-2981301To repechage
3Doncaster Knights441036198-3761200
4London Welsh00000000000
London Welsh retired after a financial crack.
Its matches were cancelled.

Group phase
15/10/2016Munster A - London Welsh15-30
15/10/2016Rotherham Titans - Doncaster Knights34-17
22/10/2016London Welsh - Rotherham Titans40-24
10/12/2016London Welsh - Doncaster KnightsCancelled
10/12/2016Rotherham Titans - Munster A24-35
17/12/2016Doncaster Knights - London WelshCancelled
18/12/2016Munster A - Rotherham Titans34-3
07/01/2017Doncaster Knights - Munster A12-28
13/01/2017Munster A - Doncaster Knights24-16
14/01/2017Rotherham Titans - London WelshCancelled
21/01/2017Doncaster Knights - Rotherham Titans16-12
21/01/2017London Welsh - Munster ACancelled

Group 3
1London Irish2565011749777261341Qualified for quarter finals
2Cornish Pirates2064021889989271431To repechage
3Ospreys Premiership Select146303130155-25202320
4Connacht Eagles2600682223-141113411

Group phase
15/10/2016Ospreys Premiership Select - London Irish14-25
16/10/2016Connacht Eagles - Cornish Pirates10-23
22/10/2016London Irish - Connacht Eagles34-3
23/10/2016Cornish Pirates - Ospreys Premiership Select41-5
10/12/2016Connacht Eagles - Ospreys Premiership Select17-20
11/12/2016London Irish - Cornish Pirates33-24
18/12/2016Cornish Pirates - London Irish16-17
18/12/2016Ospreys Premiership Select - Connacht Eagles55-14
14/01/2017Connacht Eagles - London Irish14-41
14/01/2017Ospreys Premiership Select - Cornish Pirates10-34
21/01/2017Cornish Pirates - Connacht Eagles50-24
21/01/2017London Irish - Ospreys Premiership Select24-26

Group 4
1Scarlets Premiership Select22640219814949282151Qualified for quarter finals
2Leinster A166303256133123381931To repechage

Group phase
15/10/2016Richmond - Leinster A19-68
16/10/2016Nottingham - Scarlets Premiership Select11-33
22/10/2016Leinster A - Nottingham21-29
22/10/2016Scarlets Premiership Select - Richmond58-7
10/12/2016Leinster A - Scarlets Premiership Select65-13
11/12/2016Nottingham - Richmond43-3
17/12/2016Richmond - Nottingham20-12
17/12/2016Scarlets Premiership Select - Leinster A27-7
13/01/2017Nottingham - Leinster A28-24
14/01/2017Richmond - Scarlets Premiership Select34-32
20/01/2017Leinster A - Richmond71-17
21/01/2017Scarlets Premiership Select - Nottingham35-25

Group 5

1Cornish Pirates2064021889989271431Qualified to quarter finals
2Yorkshire Carnegie20640217014030252031
3Ulster Ravens20640215312429181622
4Leinster A166303256133123381931
5Rotherham Titans5410373102-2981301

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Munster A
12/03/2017 - 26-3Munster A
31/03/2017 - 25-9
Ulster RavensMunster A
Ealing Trailfinders21/04/2017 - 29-28
11/03/2017 - 84-7
Ealing Trailfinders
Scarlets Premiership SelectMunster A
London Irish
11/03/2017 - 37-14London Irish
02/04/2017 - 17-25
Yorkshire Carnegie
10/03/2017 - 36-20
Cornish Pirates