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UK & Ireland - British & Irish Cup Season: Competition overview
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British & Irish Cup

British & Irish Cup 2017/18

Final results

Group phase
Group 1
1Bedford Blues24650116510263241231Qualified for quarter finals
2Munster A216501136627416810To repechage
4Ospreys Premiership Select2600669152-8382002

Group phase
14/10/2017Ospreys Premiership Select - Munster A6-24
15/10/2017Nottingham - Bedford Blues26-38
20/10/2017Munster A - Nottingham38-7
21/10/2017Bedford Blues - Ospreys Premiership Select43-19
08/12/2017Munster A - Bedford Blues14-25
16/12/2017Bedford Blues - Munster A12-16
16/12/2017Ospreys Premiership Select - Nottingham15-17
12/01/2018Nottingham - Munster A12-17
12/01/2018Ospreys Premiership Select - Bedford Blues12-15
19/01/2018Munster A - Ospreys Premiership Select27-0
20/01/2018Bedford Blues - Nottingham32-15
09/03/2018Nottingham - Ospreys Premiership Select26-17

Group 2
1Leinster A26650123514194332160Qualified for quarter finals
2Doncaster Knights22640223116764322451To repechage
3Bristol Rugby16630320816840312340
4Cardiff Blues Premiership Select2600683281-198134120

Group phase
14/10/2017Cardiff Blues Premiership Select - Bristol Rugby7-31
14/10/2017Doncaster Knights - Leinster A17-41
21/10/2017Leinster A - Cardiff Blues Premiership Select29-10
22/10/2017Bristol Rugby - Doncaster Knights22-33
08/12/2017Bristol Rugby - Leinster A35-46
09/12/2017Doncaster Knights - Cardiff Blues Premiership Select70-12
15/12/2017Leinster A - Bristol Rugby50-15
16/12/2017Cardiff Blues Premiership Select - Doncaster Knights27-42
13/01/2018Cardiff Blues Premiership Select - Leinster A27-41
13/01/2018Doncaster Knights - Bristol Rugby32-37
19/01/2018Bristol Rugby - Cardiff Blues Premiership Select68-0
20/01/2018Leinster A - Doncaster Knights28-37

Group 3
1Jersey26650121585130291251Qualified for quarter finals
2Yorkshire Carnegie1964021301273211630To repechage
3London Scottish156303119170-51172430
4Dragons Premiership Select46006109191-82153013

Group phase
13/10/2017Jersey - Yorkshire Carnegie32-3
14/10/2017London Scottish - Dragons Premiership Select27-20
21/10/2017Dragons Premiership Select - Jersey7-34
22/10/2017Yorkshire Carnegie - London Scottish19-8
09/12/2017Jersey - London Scottish45-10
09/12/2017Yorkshire Carnegie - Dragons Premiership Select43-22
16/12/2017Dragons Premiership Select - Yorkshire Carnegie17-20
16/12/2017London Scottish - Jersey18-45
12/01/2018Jersey - Dragons Premiership Select40-21
13/01/2018London Scottish - Yorkshire Carnegie29-19
20/01/2018Dragons Premiership Select - London Scottish22-27
20/01/2018Yorkshire Carnegie - Jersey26-19

Group 4
1Ealing Trailfinders30660032067253501060Qualified for quarter finals
2Rotherham Titans136303120151-31152010To repechage
3Connacht Eagles116204146228-82193321

Group phase
14/10/2017Ealing Trailfinders - Richmond67-12
14/10/2017Rotherham Titans - Connacht Eagles28-23
21/10/2017Richmond - Rotherham Titans35-5
22/10/2017Connacht Eagles - Ealing Trailfinders14-71
09/12/2017Richmond - Connacht Eagles17-38
09/12/2017Rotherham Titans - Ealing Trailfinders10-45
16/12/2017Ealing Trailfinders - Rotherham Titans35-19
17/12/2017Connacht Eagles - Richmond56-7
13/01/2018Ealing Trailfinders - Connacht Eagles78-12
13/01/2018Rotherham Titans - Richmond31-10
19/01/2018Connacht Eagles - Rotherham Titans3-27
20/01/2018Richmond - Ealing Trailfinders0-24

Group 5
1Ulster Ravens23650114311132211530Qualified for quarter finals
2Cornish Pirates1964021618675221230To repechage
3Scarlets Premiership Select106204107158-51142211
4Hartpury College86105124180-56192722

Group phase
14/10/2017Hartpury College - Cornish Pirates19-35
14/10/2017Ulster Ravens - Scarlets Premiership Select24-18
21/10/2017Scarlets Premiership Select - Hartpury College24-21
22/10/2017Cornish Pirates - Ulster Ravens23-14
09/12/2017Hartpury College - Ulster Ravens24-29
11/12/2017Scarlets Premiership Select - Cornish Pirates18-10
16/12/2017Ulster Ravens - Hartpury College27-19
17/12/2017Cornish Pirates - Scarlets Premiership Select38-10
12/01/2018Ulster Ravens - Cornish Pirates25-14
13/01/2018Hartpury College - Scarlets Premiership Select41-24
20/01/2018Scarlets Premiership Select - Ulster Ravens13-24
03/02/2018Cornish Pirates - Hartpury College41-0

1Doncaster Knights22640223116764322451Qualified to quarter finals
2Munster A216501136627416810
3Cornish Pirates1964021618675221230
4Yorkshire Carnegie1964021301273211630
5Rotherham Titans136303120151-31152010

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Ealing Trailfinders
31/03/2018 - 28-25Ealing Trailfinders
21/04/2018 - 36-16
Cornish PiratesEaling Trailfinders
Bedford Blues12/05/2018 - 22-7
31/03/2018 - 16-10
Bedford Blues
Ulster RavensEaling Trailfinders
30/03/2018 - 22-10Jersey
21/04/2018 - 27-29
Doncaster Knights
Leinster ALeinster A
30/03/2018 - 17-6
Leinster A
Munster A