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Punta del Este 7s Season: Competition overview
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Sud America Rugby 7s
Punta del Este 7s
Viña del Mar 7s

Punta del Este 7s 2018

Group phase
Poule A
1Chile 7s93300733439Qualified to quarter finals
2South Africa Academy 7s732011001981
3Germany 7s5310271710To repechage
4Paraguay 7s3300317137-120Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
06/01/2018Germany 7s - Chile 7s12-21
06/01/2018South Africa Academy 7s - Paraguay 7s45-0
06/01/2018Germany 7s - Paraguay 7s59-5
06/01/2018South Africa Academy 7s - Chile 7s10-19
06/01/2018Chile 7s - Paraguay 7s33-12
06/01/2018South Africa Academy 7s - Germany 7s45-0

Poule B
1Brazil 7s73201664323Qualified to quarter finals
2Uruguay 7s73201624121
3Emerging France 7s73201675314To repechage
4USA Falcons 7s330032280-58Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
06/01/2018Emerging France 7s - Brazil 7s26-20
06/01/2018USA Falcons 7s - Uruguay 7s12-22
06/01/2018USA Falcons 7s - Emerging France 7s5-29
06/01/2018Uruguay 7s - Brazil 7s12-17
06/01/2018USA Falcons 7s - Brazil 7s5-29
06/01/2018Emerging France 7s - Uruguay 7s12-28

Poule C
1Argentina VII93300783939Qualified to quarter finals
2Ireland 7s73201715021
3Colombia 7s531024559-14To repechage
4Canada Maple Leafs 7s330033985-46Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
06/01/2018Argentina VII - Ireland 7s38-5
06/01/2018Canada Maple Leafs 7s - Colombia 7s12-26
06/01/2018Argentina VII - Colombia 7s14-12
06/01/2018Canada Maple Leafs 7s - Ireland 7s5-33
06/01/2018Ireland 7s - Colombia 7s33-7
06/01/2018Canada Maple Leafs 7s - Argentina VII22-26

1Emerging France 7s73201675314Qualified to quarter finals
2Germany 7s5310271710
3Colombia 7s531024559-14Qualified for Bowl

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Chile 7s
1/7/2018 - 17-10Chile 7s
1/7/2018 - 17-14
Germany 7sChile 7s
Uruguay 7s1/7/2018 - 5-21
1/7/2018 - 17-0
Uruguay 7s
Argentina VIISouth Africa Academy 7s
Brazil 7s
1/7/2018 - 12-28Emerging France 7s
1/7/2018 - 14-24
Emerging France 7s
Ireland 7sSouth Africa Academy 7s
1/7/2018 - 7-31
South Africa Academy 7s
South Africa Academy 7s
3rd place final
Uruguay 7s
1/7/2018 - 17-22Emerging France 7s
Emerging France 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Germany 7s
1/7/2018 - 24-12Germany 7s
1/7/2018 - 24-12
Argentina VIIGermany 7s
Brazil 7s
1/7/2018 - 17-12
Brazil 7s
Ireland 7s
7th place final
Argentina VII
1/7/2018 - 17-21Ireland 7s
Ireland 7s

Bowl semifinalsBowl final
Colombia 7s
1/7/2018 - 10-7
Colombia 7s
1/7/2018 - 21-5
Paraguay 7s
Colombia 7s
Canada Maple Leafs 7s
1/7/2018 - 26-31
USA Falcons 7s
USA Falcons 7s
11th place final
Paraguay 7s
1/7/2018 - 7-33Canada Maple Leafs 7s
Canada Maple Leafs 7s