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Sevens World Series Season: Competition overview
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Sevens World Series
Leg 1(Gold Coast)
Leg 2 (Dubai)
Leg 3 (Port Elizabeth)
Leg 4 (Wellington)
Leg 5 (Las Vegas)
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Leg 6 (Hong Kong)
Qualifier (Hong Kong)
Leg 7 (Tokyo)
Leg 8 (Glasgow)
Leg 9 (London)

Sevens World Series - Leg 9 (London) 2014/15

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1Fiji 7s93300814536Qualified to quarter finals
2Canada 7s7320157507
3Samoa 7s531024553-8Qualified for Bowl
4Argentina 7s330033469-35

Group phase
16/05/2015Canada 7s - Samoa 7s17-14
16/05/2015Fiji 7s - Argentina 7s24-19
16/05/2015Canada 7s - Argentina 7s26-5
16/05/2015Fiji 7s - Samoa 7s26-12
16/05/2015Samoa 7s - Argentina 7s19-10
16/05/2015Fiji 7s - Canada 7s31-14

Poule B
1New Zealand 7s93300882464Qualified to quarter finals
2Australia 7s73201703832
3Wales 7s531023878-40Qualified for Bowl
4Japan 7s330033591-56

Group phase
16/05/2015Australia 7s - Japan 7s41-0
16/05/2015New Zealand 7s - Wales 7s38-0
16/05/2015Australia 7s - Wales 7s19-14
16/05/2015New Zealand 7s - Japan 7s26-14
16/05/2015Wales 7s - Japan 7s24-21
16/05/2015New Zealand 7s - Australia 7s24-10

Poule C
1Scotland 7s93300674522Qualified to quarter finals
2England 7s732011152986
3Kenya 7s531023180-49Qualified for Bowl
4Brazil 7s330033594-59

Group phase
16/05/2015Scotland 7s - Brazil 7s19-14
16/05/2015England 7s - Kenya 7s40-0
16/05/2015Scotland 7s - Kenya 7s26-12
16/05/2015England 7s - Brazil 7s56-7
16/05/2015Kenya 7s - Brazil 7s19-14
16/05/2015Scotland 7s - England 7s22-19

Poule D
1United States 7s93300734330Qualified to quarter finals
2South Africa 7s73201592831
3France 7s531025271-19Qualified for Bowl
4Portugal 7s330033173-42

Group phase
16/05/2015South Africa 7s - Portugal 7s19-0
16/05/2015United States 7s - France 7s24-19
16/05/2015South Africa 7s - France 7s28-7
16/05/2015United States 7s - Portugal 7s28-12
16/05/2015France 7s - Portugal 7s26-19
16/05/2015United States 7s - South Africa 7s21-12

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
United States 7s
5/17/2015 - 29-10United States 7s
5/17/2015 - 43-12
Canada 7sUnited States 7s
England 7s5/17/2015 - 45-22
5/17/2015 - 21-17
England 7s
New Zealand 7sUnited States 7s
Australia 7s
5/17/2015 - 31-19Australia 7s
5/17/2015 - 33-7
Scotland 7s
Fiji 7sAustralia 7s
5/17/2015 - 19-7
Fiji 7s
South Africa 7s
3rd place final
Fiji 7s
5/17/2015 - 26-12Fiji 7s
England 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
New Zealand 7s
5/17/2015 - 33-15New Zealand 7s
5/17/2015 - 26-14
Canada 7sNew Zealand 7s
South Africa 7s
5/17/2015 - 31-7
South Africa 7s
Scotland 7s

Bowl quarter finalsBowl semifinalsBowl final
Kenya 7s
5/17/2015 - 24-12Kenya 7s
5/17/2015 - 38-7
Japan 7sKenya 7s
Samoa 7s5/17/2015 - 26-12
5/17/2015 - 33-14
Samoa 7s
Portugal 7sKenya 7s
Argentina 7s
5/17/2015 - 17-14Argentina 7s
5/17/2015 - 26-14
France 7s
Wales 7sArgentina 7s
5/17/2015 - 29-0
Wales 7s
Brazil 7s

Shield semifinalsShield final
Japan 7s
5/17/2015 - 26-21Japan 7s
5/17/2015 - 21-19
Portugal 7sJapan 7s
France 7s
5/17/2015 - 35-12
France 7s
Brazil 7s