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Argentina - Seven de la Republica Season: Competition overview
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Seven de la Republica

Seven de la Republica 1994

The tournament was held at the Estudiantes stadium in Paranà.

Final results

Zona Ubicacion
Zona 1
1Buenos Aires 7s84400Qualified for quarter finals
2San Juan 7s64301Qualified for round of 16
3Tucuman 7s44202Qualified to round of 32
4Formosa 7s24103
5Oeste 7s04004

Zona 2
1Cordoba 7s74310Qualified for quarter finals
2Mar del Plata 7s64301Qualified for round of 16
3Salta 7s54211Qualified to round of 32
4Chile 7s24103
5Sur 7s04004

Zona 3
1Alto Valle 7s64301Qualified for quarter finals
2Nordeste 7s64301Qualified for round of 16
3Santiago del Estero 7s44202Qualified to round of 32
4Santa Fe 7s44202
5Centro 7s04004

Zona 4
1Cuyo 7s63300Qualified for quarter finals
2Rosario 7s43201Qualified for round of 16
3Entre Rios 7s23102Qualified to round of 32
4Uruguay 7s03003

Copa de Oro
Round of 32Round of 16Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Buenos Aires 7s
11/20/1994 - 35-12
Buenos Aires 7s
Entre Rios 7s11/20/1994 - 21-5
11/20/1994 - 12-7Entre Rios 7s
11/20/1994 - 12-7
Santa Fe 7s
Entre Rios 7s
Mar del Plata 7s
Buenos Aires 7s
11/20/1994 - 38-19
Nordeste 7s
11/20/1994 - 26-12
Nordeste 7s
Tucuman 7s11/20/1994 - 14-12
11/20/1994 - 26-21
Tucuman 7s
Chile 7s
Nordeste 7s
Cuyo 7s
Buenos Aires 7s
Rosario 7s
11/20/1994 - 38-5
Rosario 7s
Salta 7s11/20/1994 - 21-12
11/20/1994 - 33-7
Salta 7s
Formosa 7sRosario 7s
11/20/1994 - 40-7
Alto Valle 7s
Rosario 7s
Cordoba 7s
11/20/1994 - 17-5
Uruguay 7sCordoba 7s
11/20/1994 - 17-7Uruguay 7s
11/20/1994 - 19-7
Santiago del Estero 7s
Uruguay 7s
San Juan 7s