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New Zealand - National Sevens Season: Competition overview
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National Sevens
Women's National Sevens

National Sevens 2019

Final results
Winner:Waikato 7s

Group phase
Poule A
1Auckland 7s93300852758Qualified to quarter finals
2Canterbury 7s73201714724
3Counties Manukau 7s5310247470Qualified for Bowl
4Wairarapa Bush 7s3300329111-82

Group phase
14/12/2019Canterbury 7s - Wairarapa Bush 7s38-7
14/12/2019Auckland 7s - Counties Manukau 7s14-5
14/12/2019Canterbury 7s - Counties Manukau 7s21-14
14/12/2019Auckland 7s - Wairarapa Bush 7s45-10
14/12/2019Canterbury 7s - Auckland 7s12-26
14/12/2019Counties Manukau 7s - Wairarapa Bush 7s28-12

Poule B
1Waikato 7s93300641252Qualified to quarter finals
2Tasman 7s73201724329
3Otago 7s5310248435Qualified for Bowl
4South Canterbury 7s3300324110-86

Group phase
14/12/2019Waikato 7s - South Canterbury 7s38-0
14/12/2019Tasman 7s - Otago 7s24-12
14/12/2019Waikato 7s - Otago 7s7-5
14/12/2019Tasman 7s - South Canterbury 7s41-12
14/12/2019Waikato 7s - Tasman 7s19-7
14/12/2019Otago 7s - South Canterbury 7s31-12

Poule C
1Hawke's Bay 7s93300774136Qualified to quarter finals
2Southland 7s73201663432
3Wellington 7s53102623131Qualified for Bowl
4Thames Valley 7s3300312111-99

Group phase
14/12/2019Wellington 7s - Thames Valley 7s40-0
14/12/2019Hawke's Bay 7s - Southland 7s22-19
14/12/2019Wellington 7s - Southland 7s5-7
14/12/2019Hawke's Bay 7s - Thames Valley 7s31-5
14/12/2019Wellington 7s - Hawke's Bay 7s17-24
14/12/2019Southland 7s - Thames Valley 7s40-7

Poule D
1Bay of Plenty 7s73201694326Qualified to quarter finals
2Taranaki 7s73201694326
3North Harbour 7s732015051-1Qualified for Bowl
4Manawatu 7s330034394-51

Group phase
14/12/2019Bay of Plenty 7s - Manawatu 7s35-12
14/12/2019Taranaki 7s - North Harbour 7s12-17
14/12/2019Taranaki 7s - Manawatu 7s40-14
14/12/2019Bay of Plenty 7s - North Harbour 7s22-14
14/12/2019North Harbour 7s - Manawatu 7s19-17
14/12/2019Bay of Plenty 7s - Taranaki 7s12-17

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Auckland 7s
12/15/2019 - 22-19Auckland 7s
12/15/2019 - 12-5
Tasman 7sAuckland 7s
Taranaki 7s12/15/2019 - 5-31
12/15/2019 - 17-7
Taranaki 7s
Southland 7sWaikato 7s
Hawke's Bay 7s
12/15/2019 - 10-12Bay of Plenty 7s
12/15/2019 - 10-19
Bay of Plenty 7s
Waikato 7sWaikato 7s
12/15/2019 - 17-12
Waikato 7s
Canterbury 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Tasman 7s
12/15/2019 - 19-17Tasman 7s
12/15/2019 - 33-19
Southland 7sTasman 7s
Hawke's Bay 7s
12/15/2019 - 28-26
Hawke's Bay 7s
Canterbury 7s

Bowl quarter finalsBowl semifinalsBowl final
Counties Manukau 7s
12/15/2019 - 46-7Counties Manukau 7s
12/15/2019 - 24-0
South Canterbury 7sCounties Manukau 7s
North Harbour 7s12/15/2019 - 24-19
12/15/2019 - 41-5
North Harbour 7s
Thames Valley 7sCounties Manukau 7s
Wellington 7s
12/15/2019 - 17-14Wellington 7s
12/15/2019 - 12-35
Manawatu 7s
Otago 7sOtago 7s
12/15/2019 - 24-7
Otago 7s
Wairarapa Bush 7s

Shield semifinalsShield final
South Canterbury 7s
12/15/2019 - 24-19South Canterbury 7s
12/15/2019 - 14-26
Thames Valley 7sManawatu 7s
Manawatu 7s
12/15/2019 - 14-10
Manawatu 7s
Wairarapa Bush 7s