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Asia Pacific Cross Regional 7s Season: Competition overview
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Asia Pacific Cross Regional 7s

Asia Pacific Cross Regional 7s 2015

The tournament was held in Sandakan, Malaysia.

Final results
Winner:Hong Kong 7s

Group phase
1Tonga 7s14541014238104Qualified to semifinals
2Hong Kong 7s1354011475493
3Papua New Guinea 7s1253111144569
4Sri Lanka 7s95203104986
5China 7s7510438153-115Qualified for 5th place final
6Singapore 7s5500512169-157

Group phase
27/02/2015Tonga 7s - Hong Kong 7s21-19
27/02/2015Sri Lanka 7s - China 7s40-0
27/02/2015Papua New Guinea 7s - Singapore 7s29-7
27/02/2015Tonga 7s - China 7s49-7
27/02/2015Hong Kong 7s - Singapore 7s47-0
27/02/2015Papua New Guinea 7s - Sri Lanka 7s29-12
28/02/2015China 7s - Singapore 7s12-5
28/02/2015Tonga 7s - Sri Lanka 7s31-5
28/02/2015Hong Kong 7s - Papua New Guinea 7s19-14
28/02/2015Sri Lanka 7s - Singapore 7s47-0
28/02/2015Hong Kong 7s - China 7s24-19
28/02/2015Papua New Guinea 7s - Tonga 7s7-7
28/02/2015Hong Kong 7s - Sri Lanka 7s38-0
28/02/2015Tonga 7s - Singapore 7s34-0
28/02/2015Papua New Guinea 7s - China 7s35-0

Hong Kong 7s
01/03/2015 - 24-12Hong Kong 7s
01/03/2015 - 24-0
Papua New Guinea 7sHong Kong 7s
Tonga 7s
01/03/2015 - 26-17
Tonga 7s
Sri Lanka 7s
3rd place final
Papua New Guinea 7s
01/03/2015 - 33-7Papua New Guinea 7s
Sri Lanka 7s
5th place final
China 7s
01/03/2015 - 31-7China 7s
Singapore 7s