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Olympic Games 7s Season: Competition overview
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Olympic Games 7s
African Qualifiers
Asian Qualifiers
European Qualifiers
North American Qualifiers
Oceania Qualifiers
South American Qualifiers
Qualifiers Repechage

Olympic Games 7s - South American Qualifiers 2020

The tournament will be held in Santiago, Chile.
The winner will qualify directly for the Olympics, while the 2nd and 3rd place will qualify for repechage.

First phase
Zona A
1Argentina 7s1244001845179Qualified to semifinals
2Paraguay 7s104301746410
3Colombia 7s84202806911Qualified to 5th place final
4Peru 7s6410347130-83Qualified for 7th place final
5Guatemala 7s4400429146-117Qualified for 9th place final

First phase
29/06/2019Colombia 7s - Peru 7s41-0
29/06/2019Argentina 7s - Guatemala 7s46-0
29/06/2019Colombia 7s - Paraguay 7s10-14
29/06/2019Argentina 7s - Peru 7s53-0
29/06/2019Colombia 7s - Guatemala 7s29-12
29/06/2019Argentina 7s - Paraguay 7s42-5
29/06/2019Paraguay 7s - Peru 7s24-7
30/06/2019Paraguay 7s - Guatemala 7s31-5
30/06/2019Argentina 7s - Colombia 7s43-0
30/06/2019Peru 7s - Guatemala 7s40-12

Zona B
1Brazil 7s12440014822126Qualified to semifinals
2Chile 7s10430114619127
3Uruguay 7s842021066145Qualified to 5th place final
4Costa Rica 7s6410324180-156Qualified for 7th place final
5Venezuela 7s4400426168-142Qualified for 9th place final

First phase
29/06/2019Uruguay 7s - Venezuela 7s36-0
29/06/2019Chile 7s - Costa Rica 7s51-0
29/06/2019Uruguay 7s - Brazil 7s15-19
29/06/2019Chile 7s - Venezuela 7s53-0
29/06/2019Chile 7s - Brazil 7s0-14
29/06/2019Uruguay 7s - Costa Rica 7s50-0
29/06/2019Brazil 7s - Venezuela 7s55-7
30/06/2019Brazil 7s - Costa Rica 7s60-0
30/06/2019Chile 7s - Uruguay 7s42-5
30/06/2019Venezuela 7s - Costa Rica 7s19-24

Final phase
Argentina 7s
6/30/2019 - 35-0Argentina 7s
6/30/2019 - 26-0
Chile 7sArgentina 7s
Brazil 7s
6/30/2019 - 14-12
Brazil 7s
Paraguay 7s
3rd place final
Chile 7s
6/30/2019 - 43-0Chile 7s
Paraguay 7s
5th place final
Colombia 7s
6/30/2019 - 17-5Colombia 7s
Uruguay 7s
7th place final
Peru 7s
6/30/2019 - 41-7Peru 7s
Costa Rica 7s
9th place final
Venezuela 7s
6/30/2019 - 22-12Venezuela 7s
Guatemala 7s