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Rugby World Cup 7s Season: Competition overview
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Rugby World Cup 7s
African qualifiers
Asian qualifiers
Europe Qualifier 1 (Heidelberg)
Europe Qualifier 2 (Madrid)
Oceania qualifiers
American qualifiers

Rugby World Cup 7s - Asian qualifiers 2001

The tournament was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Final results

First phase
Poule A
1Japan 7s12440018343140Qualified to 2nd phase
2Malaysia 7s842021308545
3China 7s842021167442
4Singapore 7s8420288101-13
5India 7s4400412226-214

First phase
17/03/2000China 7s - India 7s47-5
17/03/2000Japan 7s - Singapore 7s42-19
17/03/2000Japan 7s - China 7s29-12
17/03/2000Singapore 7s - Malaysia 7s26-12
17/03/2000China 7s - Singapore 7s40-7
17/03/2000Japan 7s - Malaysia 7s42-12
17/03/2000Japan 7s - India 7s70-0
17/03/2000Malaysia 7s - China 7s33-17
17/03/2000Singapore 7s - India 7s36-7
17/03/2000Malaysia 7s - India 7s73-0

Poule B
1Hong Kong 7s124400913358Qualified to 2nd phase
2Taiwan 7s84202695316
3Thailand 7s8420278699
4Sri Lanka 7s641036293-31
5Arabic Gulf 7s641034698-52

First phase
17/03/2000Sri Lanka 7s - Arabic Gulf 7s19-17
17/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Thailand 7s14-7
17/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Sri Lanka 7s26-12
17/03/2000Taiwan 7s - Thailand 7s24-5
17/03/2000Thailand 7s - Sri Lanka 7s33-26
17/03/2000Arabic Gulf 7s - Taiwan 7s24-14
17/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Arabic Gulf 7s32-0
17/03/2000Taiwan 7s - Sri Lanka 7s17-5
17/03/2000Thailand 7s - Arabic Gulf 7s33-5
17/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Taiwan 7s19-14

Second phase
Second phase - Poule A
1Japan 7s12440019245147Qualified to final
2Taiwan 7s1043011485791Qualified to 3rd place final
3Sri Lanka 7s8420259106-47
4China 7s641035496-42
5India 7s4400421170-149

Second phase
18/03/2000Sri Lanka 7s - India 7s35-14
18/03/2000Japan 7s - China 7s43-0
18/03/2000Japan 7s - Sri Lanka 7s47-0
18/03/2000Taiwan 7s - China 7s22-0
18/03/2000Sri Lanka 7s - China 7s24-21
18/03/2000Taiwan 7s - India 7s57-0
18/03/2000Japan 7s - India 7s45-0
18/03/2000Taiwan 7s - Sri Lanka 7s24-0
18/03/2000China 7s - India 7s33-7
18/03/2000Japan 7s - Taiwan 7s57-45

Second phase - Poule B
1Hong Kong 7s1244001434796Qualified to final
2Malaysia 7s104301816318Qualified to 3rd place final
3Arabic Gulf 7s641037690-14
4Thailand 7s641034481-37
5Singapore 7s6410338101-63

Second phase
18/03/2000Arabic Gulf 7s - Singapore 7s28-14
18/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Thailand 7s31-5
18/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Singapore 7s43-0
18/03/2000Malaysia 7s - Thailand 7s26-15
18/03/2000Singapore 7s - Thailand 7s14-12
18/03/2000Malaysia 7s - Arabic Gulf 7s19-14
18/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Malaysia 7s24-18
18/03/2000Thailand 7s - Arabic Gulf 7s12-10
18/03/2000Malaysia 7s - Singapore 7s18-10
18/03/2000Hong Kong 7s - Arabic Gulf 7s45-24

Final phase
Japan 7s
3/18/2000 - 49-12Japan 7s
Hong Kong 7s
3rd place final
Taiwan 7s
3/18/2000 - 45-0Taiwan 7s
Malaysia 7s