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Rugby World Cup 7s Season: Competition overview
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Rugby World Cup 7s
African qualifiers
Asian qualifiers
European qualifiers
North American qualifiers
Oceania qualifiers
South American qualifiers

Rugby World Cup 7s 2013

The tournament was held at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia.


Group phase
Poule A
1Australia 7s83210782454Qualified to quarter finals
2France 7s83210624121To repechage
3Tunisia 7s531024088-48
4Spain 7s330034168-27Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
28/06/2013Australia 7s - Spain 7s21-0
28/06/2013France 7s - Tunisia 7s24-7
29/06/2013Australia 7s - Tunisia 7s40-7
29/06/2013France 7s - Spain 7s21-17
29/06/2013Tunisia 7s - Spain 7s26-24
29/06/2013Australia 7s - France 7s17-17

Poule B
1South Africa 7s933001050105Qualified to quarter finals
2Scotland 7s732014063-23To repechage
3Japan 7s430122964-35
4Russia 7s430121764-47Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
28/06/2013South Africa 7s - Russia 7s31-0
28/06/2013Scotland 7s - Japan 7s19-17
29/06/2013South Africa 7s - Japan 7s33-0
29/06/2013Scotland 7s - Russia 7s21-5
29/06/2013South Africa 7s - Scotland 7s41-0
29/06/2013Russia 7s - Japan 7s12-12

Poule C
1Kenya 7s93300932271Qualified to quarter finals
2Samoa 7s73201623131To repechage
3Zimbabwe 7s531023859-21
4Philippines 7s330031293-81Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
28/06/2013Samoa 7s - Zimbabwe 7s21-14
28/06/2013Kenya 7s - Philippines 7s45-5
29/06/2013Samoa 7s - Philippines 7s29-0
29/06/2013Kenya 7s - Zimbabwe 7s31-5
29/06/2013Zimbabwe 7s - Philippines 7s19-7
29/06/2013Kenya 7s - Samoa 7s17-12

Poule D
1New Zealand 7s93300833845Qualified to quarter finals
2Canada 7s732015364-11To repechage
3United States 7s531025960-1
4Georgia 7s330034578-33Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
28/06/2013New Zealand 7s - Canada 7s31-12
28/06/2013United States 7s - Georgia 7s26-19
29/06/2013New Zealand 7s - Georgia 7s26-7
29/06/2013Canada 7s - United States 7s15-14
29/06/2013Canada 7s - Georgia 7s26-19
29/06/2013New Zealand 7s - United States 7s26-19

Poule E
1Wales 7s93300803842Qualified to quarter finals
2Fiji 7s732011061987To repechage
3Tonga 7s531025573-18
4Uruguay 7s330035116-111Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
28/06/2013Fiji 7s - Tonga 7s45-0
28/06/2013Wales 7s - Uruguay 7s33-5
29/06/2013Fiji 7s - Uruguay 7s47-0
29/06/2013Wales 7s - Tonga 7s28-19
29/06/2013Tonga 7s - Uruguay 7s36-0
29/06/2013Wales 7s - Fiji 7s19-14

Poule F
1England 7s93300732647Qualified to quarter finals
2Argentina 7s53102693831To repechage
3Portugal 7s531023848-10
4Hong Kong 7s531023199-68Qualified for Bowl

Group phase
28/06/2013England 7s - Portugal 7s21-7
28/06/2013Argentina 7s - Hong Kong 7s47-7
29/06/2013Portugal 7s - Argentina 7s17-10
29/06/2013England 7s - Hong Kong 7s38-7
29/06/2013Hong Kong 7s - Portugal 7s17-14
29/06/2013England 7s - Argentina 7s14-12

1France 7s83210624121Qualified to quarter finals
2Fiji 7s732011061987
3Samoa 7s73201623131Qualified for Plate
4Canada 7s732015364-11
5Scotland 7s732014063-23
6Argentina 7s53102693831
7United States 7s531025960-1
8Portugal 7s531023848-10
9Tonga 7s531025573-18
10Zimbabwe 7s531023859-21
11Tunisia 7s531024088-48Qualified for Bowl
12Japan 7s430122964-35

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
New Zealand 7s
6/30/2013 - 26-10New Zealand 7s
6/30/2013 - 17-0
Wales 7sNew Zealand 7s
Fiji 7s6/30/2013 - 33-0
6/30/2013 - 12-10
Fiji 7s
South Africa 7sNew Zealand 7s
England 7s
6/30/2013 - 21-17England 7s
6/30/2013 - 12-5
Australia 7s
Kenya 7sEngland 7s
6/30/2013 - 24-19
Kenya 7s
France 7s
3rd place final
Fiji 7s
6/30/2013 - 29-5Fiji 7s
Kenya 7s

Plate quarter finalsPlate SemifinalsPlate Final
Canada 7s
6/30/2013 - 26-0Canada 7s
6/30/2013 - 21-7
Tonga 7sCanada 7s
Scotland 7s6/30/2013 - 19-12
6/30/2013 - 17-0
Scotland 7s
Portugal 7sCanada 7s
Samoa 7s
6/30/2013 - 26-17Samoa 7s
6/30/2013 - 21-14
Zimbabwe 7s
Argentina 7sSamoa 7s
6/30/2013 - 28-5
Argentina 7s
United States 7s

Bowl quarter finalsBowl semifinalsBowl final
Russia 7s
6/30/2013 - 17-7Russia 7s
6/30/2013 - 38-0
Spain 7sRussia 7s
Uruguay 7s6/30/2013 - 29-5
6/30/2013 - 12-7
Uruguay 7s
Tunisia 7sRussia 7s
Japan 7s
6/30/2013 - 50-0Japan 7s
6/30/2013 - 24-21
Philippines 7s
Georgia 7sJapan 7s
6/30/2013 - 31-10
Georgia 7s
Hong Kong 7s