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Rugby World Cup 7s Season: Competition overview
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Rugby World Cup 7s
Northern Africa qualifiers
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Rugby World Cup 7s 2005

The tournament was held at the Hong Kong Stadium in Hong Kong.


Group phase
Poule A
1New Zealand 7s15550021117194Qualified to quarter finals
2Scotland 7s1354011149816
3United States 7s9520288145-57Qualified for Plate
4Ireland 7s9520286140-54
5South Korea 7s7510466152-86Qualified for Bowl
6Tonga 7s751047285-13

Group phase
18/03/2005Tonga 7s - United States 7s31-10
18/03/2005Scotland 7s - Ireland 7s33-14
18/03/2005New Zealand 7s - South Korea 7s47-0
18/03/2005Scotland 7s - United States 7s36-14
18/03/2005South Korea 7s - Tonga 7s20-15
18/03/2005New Zealand 7s - Ireland 7s52-5
18/03/2005Scotland 7s - South Korea 7s33-15
18/03/2005United States 7s - Ireland 7s31-19
18/03/2005New Zealand 7s - Tonga 7s19-12
19/03/2005Ireland 7s - South Korea 7s24-17
19/03/2005New Zealand 7s - United States 7s45-0
19/03/2005Scotland 7s - Tonga 7s12-7
19/03/2005United States 7s - South Korea 7s33-14
19/03/2005Ireland 7s - Tonga 7s24-7
19/03/2005New Zealand 7s - Scotland 7s48-0

Poule B
1England 7s13540115835123Qualified to quarter finals
2France 7s1354011304882
3Samoa 7s1354011204179Qualified for Plate
4Georgia 7s8511356152-96
5Taiwan 7s7510456157-101Qualified for Bowl
6Italy 7s6501446133-87

Group phase
18/03/2005France 7s - Taiwan 7s40-7
18/03/2005Samoa 7s - Italy 7s28-10
18/03/2005England 7s - Georgia 7s47-0
18/03/2005Samoa 7s - Taiwan 7s35-0
18/03/2005France 7s - Georgia 7s31-5
18/03/2005England 7s - Italy 7s41-0
18/03/2005Samoa 7s - Georgia 7s36-7
18/03/2005Taiwan 7s - Italy 7s28-14
18/03/2005France 7s - England 7s28-17
19/03/2005Italy 7s - Georgia 7s17-17
19/03/2005England 7s - Taiwan 7s41-0
19/03/2005Samoa 7s - France 7s14-12
19/03/2005Georgia 7s - Taiwan 7s27-21
19/03/2005France 7s - Italy 7s19-5
19/03/2005England 7s - Samoa 7s12-7

Poule C
1Fiji 7s15550014114127Qualified to quarter finals
2Australia 7s1354011333895
3Japan 7s1153024591-46Qualified for Plate
4Portugal 7s952034078-38
5Canada 7s751047681-5Qualified for Bowl
6Hong Kong 7s550055138-133

Group phase
18/03/2005Canada 7s - Hong Kong 7s41-10
18/03/2005Australia 7s - Portugal 7s31-7
18/03/2005Fiji 7s - Japan 7s47-0
18/03/2005Australia 7s - Hong Kong 7s38-5
18/03/2005Japan 7s - Canada 7s19-7
18/03/2005Fiji 7s - Portugal 7s31-0
18/03/2005Australia 7s - Japan 7s31-12
18/03/2005Portugal 7s - Hong Kong 7s21-0
18/03/2005Fiji 7s - Canada 7s29-14
19/03/2005Japan 7s - Portugal 7s14-12
19/03/2005Fiji 7s - Hong Kong 7s38-0
19/03/2005Australia 7s - Canada 7s33-14
19/03/2005Japan 7s - Hong Kong 7s17-10
19/03/2005Portugal 7s - Canada 7s10-7
19/03/2005Fiji 7s - Australia 7s31-5

Poule D
1South Africa 7s13540117348125Qualified to quarter finals
2Argentina 7s1354011384890
3Tunisia 7s115302937023Qualified for Plate
4Russia 7s9520386170-84
5Kenya 7s9520375124-49Qualified for Bowl
6Uruguay 7s5500555160-105

Group phase
18/03/2005Kenya 7s - Uruguay 7s17-14
18/03/2005Tunisia 7s - South Africa 7s19-12
18/03/2005Argentina 7s - Russia 7s40-5
18/03/2005South Africa 7s - Uruguay 7s59-0
18/03/2005Russia 7s - Kenya 7s26-19
18/03/2005Argentina 7s - Tunisia 7s24-5
18/03/2005South Africa 7s - Russia 7s54-14
18/03/2005Tunisia 7s - Uruguay 7s17-5
18/03/2005Argentina 7s - Kenya 7s36-7
19/03/2005Tunisia 7s - Russia 7s40-7
19/03/2005Argentina 7s - Uruguay 7s33-19
19/03/2005South Africa 7s - Kenya 7s36-10
19/03/2005Russia 7s - Uruguay 7s34-17
19/03/2005Kenya 7s - Tunisia 7s22-12
19/03/2005South Africa 7s - Argentina 7s12-5

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Fiji 7s
3/20/2005 - 22-14Fiji 7s
3/20/2005 - 24-19
Argentina 7sFiji 7s
England 7s3/20/2005 - 29-19
3/20/2005 - 36-0
England 7s
Scotland 7sFiji 7s
New Zealand 7s
3/20/2005 - 33-7New Zealand 7s
3/20/2005 - 24-20
France 7s
Australia 7sNew Zealand 7s
3/20/2005 - 15-14
Australia 7s
South Africa 7s

Plate quarter finalsPlate SemifinalsPlate Final
Samoa 7s
3/20/2005 - 19-14Samoa 7s
3/20/2005 - 29-12
Ireland 7sSamoa 7s
Russia 7s3/20/2005 - 29-7
3/20/2005 - 29-5
Russia 7s
Japan 7sSamoa 7s
Portugal 7s
3/20/2005 - 21-12Portugal 7s
3/20/2005 - 29-5
Tunisia 7s
Georgia 7sPortugal 7s
3/20/2005 - 24-0
Georgia 7s
United States 7s

Bowl quarter finalsBowl semifinalsBowl final
Italy 7s
3/20/2005 - 26-21Italy 7s
3/20/2005 - 28-15
South Korea 7sItaly 7s
Kenya 7s3/20/2005 - 7-5
3/20/2005 - 26-10
Kenya 7s
Hong Kong 7sItaly 7s
Canada 7s
3/20/2005 - 30-0Canada 7s
3/20/2005 - 7-0
Uruguay 7s
Tonga 7sCanada 7s
3/20/2005 - 28-19
Tonga 7s
Taiwan 7s