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Junior World Rugby Trophy Season: Competition overview
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Junior World Championship
Junior World Rugby Trophy

Junior World Rugby Trophy 2017

Teams variations
Relegated from Junior World Championship 2016:Japan U20
Promoted to Junior World Championship 2017:Samoa U20

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1Japan U20143300111476416820Qualified to final
2Namibia U2010320177689121020Qualified to 3rd place final
3Chile U20731028689-3131221Qualified to 5th place final
4Canada U201300356126-7081910Qualified for 7th place final

Group phase
29/08/2017Japan U20 - Chile U2028-22
29/08/2017Namibia U20 - Canada U2031-16
02/09/2017Japan U20 - Canada U2050-12
02/09/2017Namibia U20 - Chile U2033-19
06/09/2017Chile U20 - Canada U2045-28
06/09/2017Japan U20 - Namibia U2033-13

Poule B
1Portugal U201233006755126600Qualified to final
2Uruguay U20113201118338517321Qualified to 3rd place final
3Fiji U20631024257-155711Qualified to 5th place final
4Hong Kong U201300341123-8251701Qualified for 7th place final

Group phase
29/08/2017Fiji U20 - Hong Kong U2026-7
29/08/2017Uruguay U20 - Portugal U2018-20
02/09/2017Portugal U20 - Hong Kong U2031-24
02/09/2017Uruguay U20 - Fiji U2034-3
06/09/2017Fiji U20 - Portugal U2013-16
06/09/2017Uruguay U20 - Hong Kong U2066-10

Final phase
Portugal U20
10/09/2017 - 3-14Japan U20
Japan U20
3rd place final
Uruguay U20
10/09/2017 - 34-12Uruguay U20
Namibia U20
5th place final
Fiji U20
10/09/2017 - 13-15Chile U20
Chile U20
7th place final
Hong Kong U20
10/09/2017 - 0-38Canada U20
Canada U20