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Argentina - Torneo regional patagonico Season: Competition overview
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Torneo regional patagonico

Torneo regional patagonico 2017

As Neuquen R.C. and Marabunta are involved in the Torneo Cuyano, they do not play this tournament
and they will only play the qualifier matches for the national tournaments with the following criteria:

Last results
Torneo del Interior B qualifier
14/10/2017Bigornia R.C. - Marabunta R.C.8-25
Torneo del Interior A qualifier
14/10/2017Roca R.C. - Neuquen R.C.19-20

Final results
Winner:Roca R.C.

Regular season
1Roca R.C.154301163838030Qualified to semifinals
2Comodoro R.C.124301141146-500
3Bigornia R.C.1142119283901
4Puerto Madryn741128998-901
5Trelew R.C.1400481156-7501

Regular season
26/08/2017Trelew R.C. - Bigornia R.C.14-18
27/08/2017Roca R.C. - Comodoro R.C.63-36
02/09/2017Comodoro R.C. - Puerto Madryn25-20
03/09/2017Bigornia R.C. - Roca R.C.23-11
09/09/2017Comodoro R.C. - Bigornia R.C.36-29
09/09/2017Puerto Madryn - Trelew R.C.33-23
16/09/2017Bigornia R.C. - Puerto Madryn22-22
17/09/2017Roca R.C. - Trelew R.C.61-10
23/09/2017Trelew R.C. - Comodoro R.C.34-44
24/09/2017Puerto Madryn - Roca R.C.14-28

Final phase
Comodoro R.C.
30/09/2017 - 8-24Bigornia R.C.
08/10/2017 - 19-30
Bigornia R.C.Roca R.C.
Roca R.C.
01/10/2017 - 16-15
Roca R.C.
Puerto Madryn

Neuquen - Marabunta qualifier
Neuquen R.C.
07/10/2017 - 21-18Neuquen R.C.
Marabunta R.C.

Torneo del Interior B qualifier
Torneo del Interior B qualifier
Bigornia R.C.
14/10/2017 - 8-25Marabunta R.C.
Marabunta R.C.

Torneo del Interior A qualifier
Torneo del Interior A qualifier
Roca R.C.
14/10/2017 - 19-20Neuquen R.C.
Neuquen R.C.