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Argentina - Torneo regional Pampeano Season: Competition overview
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Torneo regional Pampeano

Torneo regional Pampeano 2012

The tournament was played by 6 teams from Mar del Plata and 4 teams from Sur.
A team from Sur descended while the Pampeano B was won by a team from Mar del Plata.

First phase
Zona A
1Universitario Mar del Plata17440083582510Qualified for semifinals
2Sporting Club124202107396822Qualified to quarter finals
4Argentino Bahia Blanca7400474138-6412Qualified for Zona Descenso semifinals
5Santa Rosa4410361113-5200
The results of the game between Comercial and Argentino was overturned
because Comercial had not yet paid the registration to the union.

First phase
11/08/2012Argentino Bahia Blanca - Universitario Mar del Plata20-22
11/08/2012Comercial - Santa Rosa27-10
18/08/2012Comercial - Sporting Club15-12
18/08/2012Santa Rosa - Argentino Bahia Blanca22-21
25/08/2012Sporting Club - Argentino Bahia Blanca58-7
25/08/2012Universitario Mar del Plata - Santa Rosa31-22
01/09/2012Argentino Bahia Blanca - Comercial26-36
01/09/2012Sporting Club - Universitario Mar del Plata3-10
08/09/2012Santa Rosa - Sporting Club7-34
08/09/2012Universitario Mar del Plata - Comercial20-13

Zona B
1Club Sociedad Sportiva18440094583620Qualified for semifinals
2Mar del Plata R.C.164301110793131Qualified to quarter finals
3San Ignacio1042025650611
4Universitario Bahia Blanca540137099-2921Qualified for Zona Descenso semifinals
5Los Cardos4401359103-4411

First phase
11/08/2012San Ignacio - Mar del Plata R.C.12-13
11/08/2012Universitario Bahia Blanca - Club Sociedad Sportiva5-12
18/08/2012Los Cardos - Club Sociedad Sportiva22-32
18/08/2012San Ignacio - Universitario Bahia Blanca28-15
25/08/2012Club Sociedad Sportiva - San Ignacio16-3
25/08/2012Mar del Plata R.C. - Los Cardos34-7
01/09/2012Los Cardos - San Ignacio6-13
01/09/2012Mar del Plata R.C. - Universitario Bahia Blanca35-26
08/09/2012Club Sociedad Sportiva - Mar del Plata R.C.34-28
08/09/2012Universitario Bahia Blanca - Los Cardos24-24

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Universitario Mar del Plata
9/30/2012 - 12-27
Sporting Club
Sporting Club10/6/2012 - 6-6
9/22/2012 - 17-6
Sporting Club
San IgnacioSporting Club
Club Sociedad Sportiva
9/30/2012 - 29-24
Mar del Plata R.C.Club Sociedad Sportiva
9/22/2012 - 24-9
Mar del Plata R.C.

Zona Descenso
Universitario Bahia Blanca
9/22/2012 - 17-26Universitario Bahia Blanca
9/30/2012 - 20-22
Santa RosaLos Cardos
Argentino Bahia Blanca
9/22/2012 - 54-30
Los Cardos
Los Cardos