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Argentina - Torneo del Interior B Season: Competition overview
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Torneo del Interior
Torneo del Interior B

Torneo del Interior B 2017

Final results
Winner:Carrasco Polo


First phase
Zona 1
1Universitario Mar del Plata133300113664710Qualified to quarter finals
2Marabunta R.C.832017467700
3Bigornia R.C.531026384-2101
4Los Cardos130035386-3301

First phase
11/03/2017Marabunta R.C. - Universitario Mar del Plata21-31
12/03/2017Bigornia R.C. - Los Cardos24-11
18/03/2017Marabunta R.C. - Los Cardos29-14
18/03/2017Universitario Mar del Plata - Bigornia R.C.49-17
24/03/2017Los Cardos - Universitario Mar del Plata28-33
25/03/2017Bigornia R.C. - Marabunta R.C.22-24

Zona 2
1C.A. Provincial143300106594720Qualified to quarter finals
2Universitario Santa Fe9320178631501
3San Patricio R.C.531027586-1110
4Sixty R.C.1300361112-5101

First phase
11/03/2017C.A. Provincial - San Patricio R.C.39-12
11/03/2017Universitario Santa Fe - Sixty R.C.25-20
18/03/2017Sixty R.C. - C.A. Provincial27-46
18/03/2017Universitario Santa Fe - San Patricio R.C.33-22
24/03/2017C.A. Provincial - Universitario Santa Fe21-20
25/03/2017San Patricio R.C. - Sixty R.C.41-14

Zona 3
1Universitario Cordoba10320176562011Qualified to quarter finals
2Carrasco Polo9320196623410
3Cordoba Rugby832014160-1900

First phase
11/03/2017Carrasco Polo - Cordoba Rugby37-7
11/03/2017Universitario Cordoba - Trebol31-17
18/03/2017Carrasco Polo - Trebol35-23
18/03/2017Cordoba Rugby - Universitario Cordoba15-13
25/03/2017Trebol - Cordoba Rugby10-19
25/03/2017Universitario Cordoba - Carrasco Polo32-24

Zona 4
1Tucuman Lawn Tennis143300122348820Qualified to quarter finals
2Teque R.C.832015873-1500
3Santiago Lawn Tennis631027079-902
4Banco R.C.2300355119-6402

First phase
11/03/2017Banco R.C. - Santiago Lawn Tennis26-27
11/03/2017Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Teque R.C.30-5
18/03/2017Teque R.C. - Banco R.C.26-22
18/03/2017Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Santiago Lawn Tennis26-22
25/03/2017Banco R.C. - Tucuman Lawn Tennis7-66
25/03/2017Santiago Lawn Tennis - Teque R.C.21-27

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Universitario Mar del Plata
01/04/2017 - 13-18Carrasco Polo
08/04/2017 - 42-8
Carrasco PoloCarrasco Polo
C.A. Provincial15/04/2017 - 25-19
01/04/2017 - 39-27
C.A. Provincial
Teque R.C.Carrasco Polo
Universitario Cordoba
01/04/2017 - 13-6Universitario Cordoba
08/04/2017 - 30-29
Universitario Santa Fe
Tucuman Lawn TennisUniversitario Cordoba
01/04/2017 - 38-14
Tucuman Lawn Tennis
Marabunta R.C.